5 Fitness Questions With “Bad Girl” Nastasia Townsend

Image: Nastasia Townsend
After appearing on Oxygen’s popular TV show, “The Bad Girls Club,” season 9 cast member, Nastasia “The Powerhouse” Townsend, also known as “Stasi,” focused on becoming a healthier person. While it’s no secret that appearing on the show includes a lot of partying as well as some ‘not-so-healthy’ habits such as drinking and eating out a lot, Stasi set out to make a few lifestyle changes to her diet and exercise routine to help get her back into shape. Stasi has shed a total of 11 pounds and is helping others who are eager to lose the extra weight by sharing tips on what worked for her. As of now, Nastasia is focusing on her fitness and workout program and this is what’s been working for her.

5 The Inspiration

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Viridiana Vaca-Rios: What inspired you to want to lose weight and what were some of the first few things you did to prepare, if any?

Nastasia Townsend: The first step for me was to not try and lose weight! I started working on my focus and inner strengths. Part of that was 6 a.m. walks and I got hooked to the feeling and before you know it I started feeling better… and slowly but surely I started dropping weight. So, I started focusing on how I can help others do the same. I started on my parents who have both dropped over 50 pounds so far!

4 The Logistics

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V: What does your workout routine consist of (how many times a week, for how long?) Are you a runner or a gym type girl? Or maybe both? And what are some of your favorite workouts?

N: I am definitely both! Getting my morning air is A MUST for me—no questions asked! Starting off at the gym I enjoyed (and still do) going to different classes. It’s structured and you have a room full of people to hold you accountable. But now I have started creating my own routines that are CRAZY and fun all while kicking my butt!

3 The Fans

Image: Nastasia Townsend

V: What are some of the most common fitness questions your fans ask the most about?

N: Just simply how I did it. It’s always such a big deal about my weight loss… “Oh my god, how did you lose ALL THAT WEIGHT!?” Simple—I worked at it! Even though I’ve only lost 11 pounds (yes that’s it—I’m not huge like people think) standing only 5’3 I didn’t want to lose EVERYTHING. So I researched and I worked at it one day at a time…

2 The Diet

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V: What does your diet consist of?

N: I don’t believe I diet! I EAT HONEY! It’s all about the baby steps to make life changes that you can and will stick to. I love to cook and still do fried chicken, pork chops—all that—I’m just smarter about how I cook it, how much I’m eating and what I’m eating with it! I don’t knock the whole eating clean movement, more power to them! I honestly believe if God wanted me to eat lettuce all day he would have made me a rabbit.

1 The Journey

Image: Nastasia Townsend

V: Is there anything else (tips?) you’d like to share with Top5 readers about your health and fitness journey?

N: My health and fitness journey has been absolutely amazing. I have learned things about myself I never knew! The craziest part about it all is if I continue to feel this amazing and never lose another pound I would still do it!

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