5 Current News Stories to Keep You Hiding Under the Covers

Image Credit: Istockphoto.com
We know it seems like sometimes everything you hear on the news is doom and gloom. Sometimes you wish you could find at least one story with puppies or rainbows as the subject of a breaking news piece. If you feel like everything you have heard about current events recently has been great motivation to just hide out in bed, then sorry, but we hope you have got a comfortable pillow and some snacks stashed in the nightstand, because today we’re tracking five stories, from the recent past, the present, and even the near-future, that will have you curling even tighter into that fetal ball.

5 Get Your Bug Spray

Image Credit The Atlantic Cities

And if there wasn’t enough bad stuff in the news from the past few days, people all up and down the eastern seaboard are now bracing for an “invasion” of billions of cicadas. These insects are overall harmless, but they are large, loud, and ugly (sorry, PETA and/or caring etymologists, they are) and for a few weeks this summer, there will be billions of them loudly buzzing around states from New York all the way down to the Deep South.
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4 Ok, We Get it, You have Rockets

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Apparently it had just been too long since their last provocation and North Korea was feeling either bored or left out over the weekend, because they went ahead and test fired yet another weapon system, despite angering pretty much every citizen of the world the last time they did that earlier this year. It’s not clear whether the “projectiles” launched were unguided rockets or short-range guided missiles, but what is clear is that no one was happy to see them.
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3 Super Cell Both Destructive and Deadly

Image Credit ABC News

A massive storm system coalesced around the Oklahoma City area over the weekend, causing plural tornadoes that brought both horrific property damage and left multiple people injured and at least two dead. One massive tornado apparently spent more than an hour on the ground, leveling homes and businesses and pulling whole trees up from the ground.
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2 Amazing That No One Died

Image Credit USA Today

But boy were a lot of people critically injured when one train derailed and was then struck by another train in Connecticut on May 17th. Witnesses describe train tracks bent and torn like strips of ribbon and train cars tossed around like children’s toys. Amazingly, while upwards of 70 people were injured in the derailment and subsequent collision, no deaths resulted from the accident.
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1 Yet Another Attack in Iraq

Image Credit Reuters

Last week, at least two dozen Iraqis were killed in a single day of suicide bomb attacks and assaults by gunmen, marking one of the bloodiest day times since the US troop withdrawal in 2011. And April was the deadliest month in that country in half a decade! Largely because of long simmering tensions stirred up by the nearby Syrian civil war, Iraq’s disparate ethnic and religious groups seem once more primed to lash out against one another.
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