5 cool internet “tricks”

For the amount of time that most people spend on the Internet these days, it’s rather remarkable how little most people know about how to “œuse”it. After all, the Web is not some arcane fortress only penetrable by a few select nerd wizards (even though that would be a pretty good name for a band). Anyone with a bit of gumption can “œhack”various aspects of the Internet, using clever tricks to bypass annoyances and alter features to your liking. Today we’ll shed light on a few of them to get you thinking, and then off you go to trick the Internet! Or”¦ whatever you want to call it.

5 “Do a Barrel Roll”

And for the very easily impressed and/or not so tech savvy (meaning your uncle), just go to Google and type these words into the search bar “œDo a barrel roll.”Now hit enter. Wow! Google did a barrel roll! Hey, at least it’s an easy one.


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Uh oh, did you not mean to close that last tab? Amazingly enough, lots of people think that once they have hit that little “œX”on a browser tab/window, they have effectively lost whatever they were doing/reading forever. Or at least that they have to get back to it via the same long, perilous journey of clicking that landed them there in the first place. Rather than grabbing your whip and leather fedora and setting out on an online adventure, if you accidentally close a tab, just hit SHIFT+CONTROL+T and the last tab you closed will pop back open.

3 Using Google Translator to Bypass Proxies

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You can often bypass a school or workplace’s “œfirewall”using Google Translate. Just type the name of the site you wish to visit (i.e. www.Top5.com) into the translate features bar while translating from a foreign language (i.e. Swahili), then search for it to be translated into English/original. You should be able to click through to the site, having gone around the firewall by effectively entering it from a third party. But you should respect the rules, yadda yadda.

2 Delete Cookies

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Are you trying to read a few articles on a website that suddenly tells you that in order to read more, you must subscribe? If you’re on a site that gives you access to limited content then cuts you off, chances are they’re monitoring how much you have viewed using tracking “œcookies.”You can beat this limiting device either by clearing out your history and proceeding whenever the issue comes up, or by browsing using a “œPrivate”or “œIncognito”setting.

1 Want to Save Some Cash While Shopping Online?

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Here are two quick tricks in one: First, always search for “œpromo codes”or other coupons before buying anything. Countless sites have simple codes floating around online which you can copy and paste into their promotion bar and save a bit of cash. Second, if you’re not in a rush to make your purchase, create an account on the site where you’re shopping, fill your shopping cart “¦ and stop, taking no further action. Chances are good that within a week, you will be emailed a reminder, and a coupon for up to 20 percent off your purchase price.

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