Chivalry Is Not Dead! 5 Things Girls Secretly Want You To Do, But Society Thinks Are Old Fashioned

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Guys these days have lost touch with a lot of manners. Yes, women want equality, like equal pay and the freedom of choice. But we also want to be treated like ladies. As we are propelled into the future and times change, sometimes guys need to remember that certain old fashioned practices could wow us more than deep pockets or a cool car.

5 Random Acts of Flowers

I might say that I don’t care about flowers, or that I don’t need them. But every once in a while, when I least expect it, pick up a bunch. They don’t have to be roses, they can even be sold on the median of a busy street or from the grocery store or even just pick one from our neighbors garden (but don’t get caught). If you do fulfill this, you will be amply rewarded. And I’m not talking about just getting them when you screw up, or on special occasions. It shows that I am on your mind and that’s what I will think of every time I see them. Plus they smell nice.

4 Take Your Hat Off

At dinner, in the house, during the national anthem. It used to be men would take off their hats when a woman entered the room as a sign of respect. Well, if you are not going to give me the respect while you are in my presence at least respect the dinner table, particularly if I’ve made the meal and especially if your mother made it. And come on, I’ve probably seen bedhead worse than your hat hair.

3 Walk Closest To the Street

It’s simple. While on a city sidewalk, be the man to walk closest to the street. It’s less about the possibility a car might spray me with dirt or run into us or a gang of punks are going to pick a fight, but more about the sentiment that you aim to protect me no matter what happens. Please note that the desire for you to do this is stronger the more dressed up I am. If we are on our way to a black tie affair this is mandatory as well as escorting me to the door.

2 Pay in Public

I know it’s nice to go Dutch, but, especially when we are out with other people, pay for my drink. If we are with friends or family pay for my meal, pay for my coffee, pay for my ice cream cone. It’s an awkward moment when we look at each other as the bill is presented before us with that financial question in our eyes. Just do it. Make it the standard and pizza night is on me for the next 10 years. I’ll be your video game benefactor or however we want to work it out. I’m all for paying for things, but I just don’t want the whole table to speculate what might be going on in our bank accounts.

1 Open the Car Door

If you are taking me out and I’ve made an effort to do my hair, put on a skirt and a pair of heels, then have the decency to open the car door for me. Even go the extra mile and hold my hand while I get in and out. I realize it’s a little “Driving Miss Daisy” and you aren’t my chauffer, but you are a gentleman. Or at least I want you to be. It’s going the extra mile to make me feel taken care of. It’s more than holding a door while going into a restaurant, it’s a personal moment between us. I won’t forget how thoughtful you are for this.
Modern thought may have excused you from all of the above, but don’t underestimate the power of these simple acts that show respect, manners, and express thoughtfulness. And whatever the gentlemanly act, regardless how small, it will not be overlooked by a true lady.

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