5 Changes to Your Morning Routine That Will Help You Lose Weight

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Morning is the optimal time to get your metabolism revved up for the day and your body ready to fight fat. Changing up your morning routine to lose weight more effectively may feel awkward at first. But once your modifications become habits, you may find your slenderizing efforts very worthwhile.

5 Take a Cold Shower

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Taking a cold shower in the morning gets your heart pumping and jumpstarts your metabolism. Experiencing cold temperatures causes your body to lose brown fat, the fat in your body that keeps you warm. When you shiver, your body uses energy to keep you warm. Doctoroz.com recommends starting the first couple minutes of your shower at your favorite temperature, then progressively making the water cooler.

4 Drink Green Tea Instead of Coffee

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If you need a morning caffeine fix, go for a cup of green tea instead of your favorite dark roast. People who drink at least two cups of tea a day tend to have smaller waists and less body fat. The caffeine and antioxidants in a fresh pot of the super brew increase your metabolism and the rate in which your body breaks down fat.

3 Spoil Yourself Early

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Stop eating dessert after dinner. Eat it after breakfast instead. Or if you really feel like having an indulgent meal, such as pizza, have it for breakfast. According to the Fitbie site, participants in a study who ate their favorite treats and high-carb foods in the morning instead of the evening lost an average 40 pounds more than other dieters. Eating a breakfast that has your favorite sugary or carbohydrate-rich foods may help your body suppress the production of gherlin, the hormone that stimulates your appetite. Just keep the calorie count for the meal to under 600.

2 Eat Breakfast

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People who are “on a diet” often skip breakfast. The consequence of this is a sluggish metabolism. When you put your body in starvation mode first thing in the morning, it will want to hold on to every calorie that you consume during the day. Instead, an article on the Dr. Oz website recommends eating a breakfast after your morning workout that contains 30 grams of protein for extra energy.

1 Wake Up Earlier and Exercise

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Wake up 40 minutes earlier than usual and do a 30-minute workout in the morning, before breakfast, instead of in the afternoon or evening. It’s easy to put off exercise after a hard day of work; in the morning, procrastination is harder to justify. Yes, this means that you’ll have to go to bed earlier, but the extra energy that you’ll gain will make your efforts worth it. If the thought of waking up 40 minutes early makes you want to hide under the covers, sleep in your workout clothes to give you the extra motivation.

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