5 bizarre celebrity arrests that changed the public’s perception of them

Celebrities; is there anything they can’t do? Well yeah, actually. There’s quite a long list of things they can’t do. Normally they’re called “œlaws.”Lucky for us, they don’t always care that they aren’t supposed to break them, and we’re graced with hilarious and often hard to believe headlines as a result.

The recent arrest of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ star Jeff Garlin, for example, offered a reminder that when celebrities go off, it’s often a special kind of fantastic. In an apparent dispute over a parking space, the comedian and improviser allegedly smashed several windows on the other person’s car, which partly seems insane, but when you think about parking in LA, kind of also makes perfect sense. In the big picture though, Jeff’s little scuffle is barely even a blip on the list of the craziest celebrity arrests.

5 Lindsay Lohan

Of course. Was there ever any chance of getting to the end of this list without acknowledging the reigning First Lady of celebrity arrests? No, there wasn’t. And that’s thanks to perhaps her nuttiest run-in with the law back in 2007 when Lindsay was nabbed for a DUI with a car full of terrified passengers and a good measure of cocaine on her person. Seems like pretty standard stuff, except when you remember she also screamed this at the cops: “œI’m a celebrity, I can do whatever the f#$k I want!”Tremendous. Way to endear yourself to authorities, Lindsay.

4 Rip Torn

In perhaps the ultimate case of irony, this guy’s name almost perfectly describes the level of inebriation he has often been while encountering police. With a stellar arrest record to his name, Rip’s best came in 2010 when he was arrested for breaking into a bank during off hours with a loaded shotgun. Though it wasn’t malicious, he was just so plastered he actually thought it was his own house. Oh, and he was 78 at the time.

3 Gary Coleman