5 Best Sports Sites

The Internet provides a treasure trove of information and updates on all types of sports. While many niche sites center on one particular sport or a small number, a core group provides broad, deep, expert-driven and current sports news and articles.

5 CBSSports.com

While Bleacher Report and Rant Sports operate in the “personality” side of online sports coverage, CBSSports.com definitely has more of a data-driven, information-centered approach. It offers great coverage across all major and many minor sports. The site also offers fantasy sports activities and a range of lists and compilations with statistics on various sports, teams and players for the more analytical sports fan.

4 Rant Sports

Rant Sports (rantsports.com) takes a much more opinion-based approach to covering sports. It includes inside analysis on in-season and off-season sports activities and athletes—and it definitely targets a male crowd, with homepage features such as “15 Hottest Girls in the Legends Football League.”

3 Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report (bleacherreport.com) is a large sports site dedicated to in-depth coverage of all the major college and pro sports teams. A combination of current news, unique feature stories and rankings on various sports and athletes give sports enthusiasts plenty of reading material during the downtime in sports. The site also includes several blogs on various topics, written by expert analysts.

2 Yahoo! Sports

While Yahoo! has succumbed to Google in the search engine race, its sports site is a strong player. The eBizMBA compilation showed “Yahoo! Sports” as the second most visited sports site. While Yahoo! provides very similar breadth and depth of news and information, it also offers users a more extensive fantasy sports arena with year-round events and competitions.

1 ESPN.com

ESPN has long dubbed itself “the worldwide leader in sports,” and that is certainly the case in the online arena. The site covers all major sports and many less popular sports 24 hours a day, with news, scores, feature articles and videos. The website eBizMBA, which compiles data from several online sites to rank the most popular sports sites, ranked ESPN the most visited sports site in July 2013.

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