5 Basic Features That Are Still Not Available on Facebook’s Mobile App

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In today’s mobile-focused world, it is safe to say that any company in the digital space must also have a very thought-out mobile strategy. If you are the leading social network with over a billion users across the globe, I think we can agree that mobile should be way up there on your priorities list. And yet, meet Facebook.

Facebook’s mobile experience is inferior on pretty much all platforms and the various apps need some serious rewiring and stabilization. But that is not the topic here. I don’t want to talk about the Facebook experience, but rather some seriously basic features that somehow still have not made their way into the Facebook mobile apps.

For the sake of clarity, I am using an iPhone as my main phone, but as far as I know and based on recent checks, the same issues apply to Android and Windows Phone as well.

5 Speaking of Noise… Annoying!

Call me a snob, but some people that I have to have on my Facebook friend list do not belong in my news feed. They update every 4.5 seconds and their posts are pointless and annoying. “So hide them, what’s the problem? Such a complainer!” Ah, if only I was able to hide people on the Facebook app, the world would be full of unicorns with violins playing in the background. Instead when I read my news feed, it is more like jellyfish with constant loud drumming in the background. Sorry, had to continue the analogy. Hey Zuck, let me hide people! Thanks!

4 Notification Noise Control: HELP!

You know what one of the best aspects of the mobile environment is? Push notifications. They help me stay on top of my mobile world in real time. You know what the worst aspect is? Push notifications when they’re done wrong. Any guesses who does them wrong? Correct. The Facebook noise control options on mobile are a joke. Actually, more like a natural disaster. Try unfollowing a post after commenting so you don’t get flooded with notifications of others who commented after you. Here is a secret: It is possible to do but I bet 9/10 people reading this have no idea how. Same goes for group message notifications, picture tagging notifications and the list goes on and on. And on.

3 Cross Platform Tagging. Frustrating!

Well, this is not a Facebook app problem per se, but it is a mobile Facebook problem. I know, I lost you. Ever try tagging someone on Facebook via Foursquare? You know what? Forget Foursquare. Instagram. You know, the app that Zuckerberg bought for close to a billion bucks minus the stock reduction? Yeah, so I tag someone there and you are telling me that all the bright minds at Facebook headquarters cannot figure out how to cross tag that person with their name on Facebook? So what ends up happening is I take the picture of the person and tag them on Instagram. Then tweet the picture from Tweetbot because tweeting it from Instagram will delete the tag 90% of the time. Then I have to open Facebook and do the same, except I expect it from Twitter but Facebook? This is actually laughable.

2 Editing Posts. Really?

This one is truly hard for me to believe. Like, I literally find myself searching for this option in the app because I know it must be there. It has to be. But it isn’t. I write a post and there is a typo—no problem, just go fire up your laptop and edit it (in some cases. In others, even on the site it is not possible.) How does that make any sense? Besides, how hard is it to implement this? Boggles the mind.

1 Tagging Brands… Come ON!

It is in everyone’s best interest for Facebook users to have the ability to tag a brand from the Facebook app. I mean, the value for the brand is obvious, the value for the user is obvious, and that in and of itself should make the addition of this feature a no-brainer for Facebook itself. And yet, if I am enjoying a restaurant, there is no way to tag it on Facebook and let them and my friends know. Kind of counter-intuitive, don’t ya, think, Zuck?

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