33 Years After Her Date Didn’t Call Back, This Woman Finally Learns The Real Story


The First Time

The man was nervous, he didn’t know whether he should call her again. He hadn’t been on a date in a few years. But his loneliness forced him to ‘get back out there.’

One of his best friends had set him up with her. They thought that they would make a good couple.

He was grateful for the chance at love, but he didn’t know if he would make it to the date.

Waiting For A Date


Betty Foster sat alone at a corner booth in the local Arby’s in Florida, nervously twirling a straw in her drink.

She straightened her hair for the millionth time, checking her reflection in the mirror.

The clock on the wall seemed to tick away the minutes in slow motion, each second stretching into an eternity. He should have been here by now.

Tick Tock


25-year-old Betty sat nervously in a corner booth at the local Arby’s, her fingers tapping rhythmically on the laminated menu.

The digital clock on her phone displayed 12:30 PM, the agreed-upon time for her blind date with Jerry Thomason.

The woman nervously looked around; she hadn’t been on a real live date in a while.

A Mutual Friend


The pair shared a mutual friend through a Social club. She had been the one who set them up.

They had spoken twice on the phone, and their conversations had flowed effortlessly.

He had mentioned his love for hearty lunches, and she, too, shared his passion for filling meals. She had high hopes for this date.

In The Restaurant


There were a few other patrons leaving from their brunches.

She checked her phone, the screen displayed 12:32 PM. 28-year-old Jerry Thomason was late.

They had arranged to meet at 12:30, and Betty had arrived right on time, eager to meet the man she had only spoken to over the phone. But he seemed to be taking longer to arrive.

Wishful Thinking


The lonely woman thought about the conversation they had the night before. They had shared two lengthy conversations that left Betty feeling like she already knew Jerry to some extent.

He had a warm, hearty laugh, and he claimed to enjoy full, hearty meals for lunch—just like her.

That shared love for food had sparked their initial connection, and Betty had been looking forward to sharing a meal with him.

Wait It Out


Betty ordered herself a drink, a small comfort to ease her anxiety as she waited for Jerry.

Minutes stretched into what felt like hours, and the empty seat across from her remained vacant.

At 1 p.m., worry began to gnaw at her. She hadn’t received a call or message from him explaining any delay. The waitress, noticing Betty’s growing unease, approached her with a sympathetic smile.

Prying Eyes


Betty took a sip of her drink, her eyes darting around the empty restaurant.

The waitress approached her, a sympathetic look on her face. “Everything alright, dear?” she asked.

Betty tried to hide her disappointment. “Oh, I’m sure he’s just running a bit late,” she replied with a forced smile. Her cheeks blushed red as she spoke.

Are You Going To Order


The waitress nodded and walked away, leaving Betty to fidget with her phone. 1:00 PM.

Betty’s heart sank as the minutes continued to pass. She felt embarrassed sitting there alone for so long.

She hadn’t received a call or a text from Jerry, explaining his delay. What was keeping him so long? This was quite rude of him to do.

Still Not There


Another fifteen minutes crept by, and Betty’s worry grew. She couldn’t help but glance out the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of Jerry’s arrival.

She thought she saw a man try to enter the door twice, but it was a false alarm.

There were a few happy customers eating, but the street outside was eerily quiet and devoid of any sign of him.

Table For One


The waitresses were chatting to each other. They clearly didn’t want to keep “Is everything alright, dear? Can we move you to the bar area?” the waitress asked. She cleared up the empty glass and straightened the menu card on the table.

Betty blushed, feeling the weight of embarrassment pressing down on her.

“I’m just waiting for someone, but they seem to be running late,” she admitted.

Running Late


Finally, Betty decided to call Jerry. She pulled out her phone, tapped his number, and brought it to her ear. It rang and rang, but he didn’t answer. She tried again, her voice trembling as she left a voicemail, expressing her concern and urging him to call back.

Betty waited, her anxiety gnawing at her. The minutes dragged on, and she couldn’t concentrate on the menu anymore.

Her mind raced with questions: Had something happened to Jerry? Was he okay? Maybe he had met with an accident. The possibilities spiraled into a whirlwind of worry.

A No Show


As 1:30 PM approached, Betty’s hope dwindled, and she felt a deep sense of embarrassment washing over her.

The waitress returned; her kind eyes filled with sympathy. “I hate to ask, dear, but have you been stood up?”

Betty sighed, feeling her cheeks flush. “I don’t know what’s happening. He’s not answering my calls, and he’s very late.”

Left Stranded


The restaurant was eerily quiet, the usual lunchtime hustle and bustle absent.

The waitress patted her hand gently. “I’m sure there’s a good reason. Maybe he’ll still show up.”

But Betty’s hope was fading fast. She tried calling Jerry again and again, but each call went unanswered. She couldn’t shake the feeling that something was terribly wrong.

Alone In The Restaurant


The restaurant grew quieter as the lunch rush subsided, leaving Betty alone with her thoughts and mounting worry.

She looked at her watch—2:00 PM. It had been an hour and a half since their scheduled meeting time, and there was no sign of Jerry.

She fumbled for her phone and tried calling him, only to be met with the relentless ringing of an unanswered call. She left a voicemail, her voice quivering with uncertainty.

Ignoring Her


Betty couldn’t help but check outside through the large window, but there was no sign of Jerry. Another half hour ticked by, and Betty’s worry deepened into genuine concern.

She called Jerry repeatedly, each call going unanswered, and the sinking feeling in her chest grew heavier.

What could have happened? Had he been in an accident? Betty refused to believe that she had been stood up, but the evidence was mounting against her.

Being Stood Up


Tears welled up in Betty’s eyes as she contemplated the possibility that she had been stood up.

She wiped them away with a trembling hand, refusing to believe it. “Maybe he’s stuck in traffic,” she whispered to herself, though her voice lacked conviction.

But deep down, Betty knew something was amiss. She couldn’t explain why Jerry hadn’t called or texted to explain his delay. It wasn’t like him, based on their phone conversations.

Questions And More


As the afternoon sun cast long shadows inside the Arby’s, Betty continued to wait, her heart heavy with uncertainty. Should she try calling him again?

She felt abandoned and confused, left alone in a place that had once held so much promise.

What should she do? Should she leave or wait longer? Some people were starting to stare.

All A Lie


Time dragged on, and Betty never heard from Jerry again. He remained a mystery, a voice on the phone that had promised so much but vanished without a trace.

Her blind date with Jerry Thomason had become a haunting enigma—a suspenseful tale without a resolution.

She had already started planning her life with him, but he clearly wasn’t thinking the same.

He Is Not Coming


The hours stretched into eternity, and Betty continued to wait, clinging to the hope that he would eventually show up. She had been there for almost 3 hours now.

She held on to hope. But the minutes turned into hours, and still, there was no sign of Jerry.

She left the restaurant, her heart heavy with disappointment and unanswered questions.

Making A Choice


The sad woman finished her third glass of wine with a huff. Betty eventually left the restaurant, her heart heavy and her mind filled with unanswered questions.

She had been stood up, but the reasons behind Jerry’s disappearance remained a puzzle she couldn’t solve.

What was wrong with her? Why didn’t he call her to cancel or reschedule?

Moving On With Life


Days turned into weeks, and Betty’s disappointment gradually transformed into a lingering sense of sadness.

She tried calling him a few more times but he never answered the phone.

She wondered about Jerry’s fate and the strange, abrupt end to their connection. Was he okay? Had something unexpected happened? Or had he simply changed his mind?

Starting Afresh


Eventually, Betty moved on with her life. She dated other men, but she never married.

No answers came, and Betty resigned herself to the fact that Jerry Thomason would forever remain a mystery.

It was an unsolved chapter in her life, a blind date that had left her in suspense, forever wondering about the man who had once promised her hearty lunches and laughter.

A Life Well Lived


Three decades passed, and Betty had long resigned herself to the mystery of Jerry’s disappearance.

Life moved on, and she had built a fulfilling existence for herself.

But one fateful day, as she sat alone in her cozy living room, her phone rang with an unfamiliar number. She hesitated but answered. Who could it be?

A Strange Phone Call


It was a man that had called looking for her. “May I speak to Betty Foster, please?” a soft, hesitant voice on the other end asked.

Startled, Betty replied, “This is she. Who’s calling?” The voice on the other end took a deep breath.

“Betty, it’s me, Jerry. Do you remember me? I know it’s been a while.”

Blast From The Past


Betty’s heart skipped a beat. “Jerry? Is that really you?” Jerry’s voice trembled as he confessed, “Yes, Betty, it’s me. I’m calling to make amends.”

Tears welled up in Betty’s eyes as a mix of emotions flooded over her.

“Jerry, where have you been all these years? What happened that day?” Would the abandoned lady get the answers she hoped for?

The Old Truth


61-year-old Jerry’s voice cracked as he explained, “I’m a paraplegic, in a wheelchair. I also had a drinking problem, Betty. That day, I did come to Arby’s, but I couldn’t bring myself to come inside.

I watched you through the window, and you were even more beautiful than I had imagined. I was convinced you wouldn’t accept me, that you deserved better than a man like me. So, I ghosted you.”

Would she believe his story? Was he really sorry or was it just an excuse?

Long Lost Love


58-year-old Betty’s tears fell freely now. “Jerry, you didn’t have to do that. I would have understood. I would have accepted you, flaws and all.”

The woman cried about how long she waited for him.

She told him that she never forgot him and a piece of her heart had always wondered what would have happened between them.

A Second Chance


Jerry’s voice quivered. “I know that now, Betty, but back then, I couldn’t see past my own insecurities,” Jerry confessed that he had been searching for her for years.

Betty, overwhelmed by a mixture of forgiveness and longing, said, “Jerry, I accept your apology. Can we meet again?”

Jerry, relieved and grateful, replied, “Yes, Betty, I’d like that more than anything.”

Meant To Be


And so, after 33 long years, Betty and Jerry rekindled their connection.

Time had changed them both, but their shared history and newfound understanding brought them closer than ever before.

Their second chance at love began with a phone call, an apology, and a promise of a future together, proving that sometimes, it takes a lifetime to find the courage to make amends.


This story was handcrafted with love by a creative novelist to thrill and entertain, mirroring real-life situations to awaken your imagination and evoke profound emotions. All events, places, and characters are products of the author’s imagination, and all images and videos are used for illustrative purposes only. We hope you enjoyed reading it just as much as we enjoyed writing it!