30 Celebs and Their Past Generation Lookalikes

Do you believe in reincarnation and living more than one life?Here are the top 30 lookalikes that your favorite celebrity didn’t know they had.

Do you believe in reincarnation and living more than one life? There are so many reasons why people logically shouldn’t believe in any of that – but then you see these pictures, and you’re like: No, it’s all real.

Is it possible that these celebrities are somehow connected with their historical lookalikes?

Below are the top 30 lookalikes that your favorite celebrity didn’t know they had. Can you spot the differences?

30. Orlando Bloom and Nicolae Grigorescu

Heartthrob and actor, Orlando Bloom could easily be mistaken for this painter from Romania, Nicolae Grigorescu. The face and the mustache are literally the same. How long do you think it took Grigorescu to recreate his identity and become Bloom?

29. Bruce Willis and General Douglas MacArthur

Actor Bruce Willis has played many roles – however, there are few roles that seem like they could be from a life he’s lived before. Willis has played military characters many times, but only the right-hand photograph is him. General Douglas MacArthur, pictured on the left, was the Chief of Staff of the United States Army during the 1930s.

28. Steve Martin and Unknown Woman

As one of the most iconic comedians in the country, Steve Martin probably howled laughing the first time he saw this photo. You can’t deny that Martin and this Victorian Era woman are pretty much the same person.

27. Leonardo DiCaprio and Judy Zipper

Before he stepped foot on the Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio could have been living in a past life before Rose. In fact, he might have been Rose. Yep…just like Steve Martin, DiCaprio’s historic doppelgänger is a beautiful woman.

26. Conan O’Brien and Marshall Harvey Twitchell

Television host and comedian, Conan O’Brien may have also been a Union Army soldier in the mid-1860s. Marshall Harvey Twitchell, pictured left, could easily pass for O’Brien today.

25. David Schwimmer and Unknown Man

The photo on the right isn’t a quirky headshot of the Friends legend – it’s a mystery man of history! David Schwimmer could possibly be living a double life, part of which takes place in the 1800s.

24. Charlie Sheen and John Brown

There is a big chance that Charlie Sheen has been born before this lifetime. John Brown, an abolitionist in the early 1800s, became well-known because he led small groups of volunteers during the Bleeding Kansas crisis of 1856. Surprisingly enough, reports say that Brown had a carefree attitude, much like Sheen.

23. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Unknown Man

Joseph Gordon-Levitt shares so many features with this man, many might think it’s him. The similarities are intense, especially since they have the same facial structure and eyes. Wonder if Joseph’s taken any trips to the past recently? You never know – celebrities have the kind of money that can do anything.

22. Eddie Murphy and Unknown Man

Known for impersonating all kinds of people and developing wildly original characters, it’s hard to believe that isn’t Murphy on the right, too, posing on the set of some Western comedy.

21. Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso and Unknown Couple

No, the right-side photograph isn’t photoshopped. The picture is of a newlywed couple that has a striking resemblance to Matt Damon and his wife Luciana Barroso. For all we know, this could be them in another lifetime.

20. Jennifer Lawrence and Zubaida Tharwat

Jennifer Lawrence is a beautiful actress that is known for her captivating eyes and on-screen talent. Her looks are timeless and seem to never go out of style. Lawrence bares a striking image to Egyptian actress Zubaida Tharwat from the early 1960s.

19. Jimmy Fallon and Mahir Cayan

Jimmy Fallon is known for his late night show and SNL career, but what if there’s more to him than that? Turkish revolutionist, Mahir Cayan, resembles Fallon so much it makes you think they might somehow be inter-generational twins.

18. Johnny Depp and Mysterious Look-Alike

If you are a true die-hard Johnny Depp fan, then you may have realized that over time, Depp has become more private with his life. Is it because his historic doppelgänger came to the present day to explain the secrets of the universe to him? We’re just saying: think about it.

17. John Travolta and Unknown Man

Known for his devilish, breathtaking smile, John Travolta may have lived more than one life. His looks are so unique, it’s surprising that anyone shares them. But lo and behold, this man from the early 1800s does.

16. Liam Neeson and Fidel Castro

Although they share extreme facial similarities, the only other similar attributes are the ones shared on screen. Neeson has played many roles where he plays the bad guy, whereas Castro played the role in real life.

15. Matthew McConaughey and Possible Relative?

The resemblance between Matthew McConaughey and this gentleman is undeniably frightening. Once these photos were discovered, they instantly went viral, which caused many people to believe that the two men are possibly relatives.

14. Rupert Grint and Sir David Wilkie

One of the leading actors of the Harry Potter franchise, Rupert Grint resembles Sir David Wilkie. Wilkie was a famous Scottish painter who may have used wizarding powers a la Harry Potter to live a second life through Grint.

13. Dorothy Dandridge and Halle Berry

Dorothy Dandridge and Halle Berry were both at one point nominated for Academy Awards for their on-screen roles. The similarities don’t stop there, though; although born in different generations, these two leave people wondering if Halle Berry is the reincarnation of Dandridge.

12. Zach Galifianakis and Louis Vuitton

No, the left-hand photograph isn’t a mug shot from one of  Zach Galifianakis’ infamous hangovers. If you take a close look, you may mistake Louis Vuitton for Galifianakis. The resemblance is undeniable – but you won’t believe the doppelgängers who made the top 11 of this list. If you think Galifianakis is the spitting image of Louis Vuitton….

11. Rose McGowan and Hedy Lamarr

Are you kidding me? These beautiful women share the exact same dark hair, full lips, arched brows, upturned noses and stunning eyes. They’re both extremely accomplished, too. Lamarr (pictured on the left) was an Austrian-American actress who was born in 1914 and helped to invent frequency-hopping systems that were the basis of Bluetooth and some versions of WiFi today. McGowan was born in 1973 and went on to become a famous actress, singer and activist.

10. Albert Einstein and Shia LaBeouf

And the top 10 begins! Let’s kick it off with Albert Einstein and Shia LaBeouf. The theoretical physicist was known for his brilliant theories. LaBeouf is known for being a somewhat off-the-wall actor. You wouldn’t normally think of these two together, but can you deny that young Einstein would have looked just as good dancing in that Sia music video?

9. Brad Pitt and Hermann Rorschach

Brad Pitt has always been known for his charming looks and personality on and off-screen. If you didn’t know any better, you could have mistaken him for the famous Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Hermann Rorschach.

8. Andrew Johnson and Tommy Lee

Andrew Johnson was the 17th president of the United States. He was also somehow actor Tommy Lee. We don’t know how this is physically possible, but there’s no way these two are separate people.

7. Serena Williams vs. Betty Shabazz

Serena Williams and Betty Shabazz both took on leading roles in their community. Shabazz, widow of Malcolm X, was a civil rights advocate and an American educator. Williams, on the other hand, has won multiple major single titles in professional tennis. The resemblance is uncanny!

6. Christina Aguilera and Ginger Rogers

Full lips and piercing blue eyes give Christina Aguilera and Ginger Rogers an unquestionable resemblance that is out of this world. Both being singers and actresses, Aguilera and Rogers’ similarities are endless – but they still don’t compare to the final 5 of this list.

5. Dave Franco and Unknown Veteran

Dave Franco has played numerous roles, each of which probably made you believe he was once that character. From the quirky smile to the shape of the eyes, it makes you wonder if Franco was once a war hero in the past.

4. Maggie Gyllenhaal and Rose Wilder Lane

Through both their pouty soulful eyes and their powerful expressions, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Rose Wilder Lane resemble each other tremendously. If you believe in living multiple lives, then chances are you might think Lane was an earlier incarnation of Gyllenhaal. Wonder who she’ll be in the next life!

3. Alec Baldwin and Millard Fillmore

If Alec Baldwin is itching to parody another US president, he could easily pass as Millard Fillmore. He was born for the role!

2. Hugh Grant and Oscar Wilde

With their carefree hair and attitudes, Hugh Grant and Oscar Wilde are a couple of cuties.

And finally, who’s our number one most stunning celebrity/doppelgänger resemblance?

1. Jay Z and Unknown Man from Harlem

Jay Z is known for breaking records and creating hip-hop hits, but when did you think it all started?

The unknown man from Harlem is posing not too far from where Jay Z was born centuries later. Do you think Hov is a time traveler, or simply the reincarnation of this Harlem man?