3 Days After Airport Loses Dog Woman Finds Note In Suitcase With Cryptic Instructions



It was a nightmare that Tracey Walker would not wish on her worst enemies.

While traveling with her dog, Moxie, on a flight from San Francisco to New York City, Moxie had disappeared.

Tracey was devastated when the airline crew of the flight told her that they had misplaced her dog and that she would have to go home and wait for them to call her. Tracey was beyond furious.



Not only had they somehow lost her precious Jack Russell Terrier, Moxie, but they had the sheer audacity to tell her to go home and wait.

It infuriated her. It was like Moxie was not a priority to them. How could a dog that flew in the cabin with her just disappear?

Tracey wanted answers, and she wanted them now.

A Social Media Influencer


Tracey was a social media foodie influencer who liked to travel all around America to try out various restaurant and street food locations.

She would then rate the establishments based on what she ate.

She would also tag the restaurants for her thousands of followers to go and try out for themselves. She loved what she did and made a pretty penny doing it. It allowed her to travel frequently all around the country.

The Ultimate Goal


Her ultimate goal was to make enough money to eventually travel the world to expand on her culinary journey and gain a worldwide following.

Her dog Moxie was also Instagram famous.

Moxie even had her own account where Tracey regularly posted photos and updates on what she would get up to on a daily basis.

Going Live


So when Moxie went missing, Tracey didn’t waste any time letting her followers know what was going on.

As she went live on Instagram, she told the tearful tale of what exactly was going on.

Between sobs and trying not to break down completely, her most loyal fans sent heart emojis and encouraging messages to her, assuring her that Moxie would be found.



The trouble started when there was a short layover at O’Hare Airport in Chicago. There wasn’t much time for Tracey to even leave the airport and explore Chicago’s culinary delights.

But she managed to get her hands on a Chicago staple, the famous deep-dish pizza.

She had never had one before, so while sitting in the restaurant at the airport, she quickly recorded herself tucking into the delicious one-of-a-kind pizza.



After posting the video online, it wasn’t long before she garnered hundreds of likes and comments.

But little did Tracey know that the layover in Chicago would be where things would go horribly awry for her.

Oblivious to what was going on behind the scenes, Tracey finally boarded the plane, ready to jet off to the Big Apple.

Deliciousness Awaits


The flight went off without a hitch, and Tracey was happy to finally be in the city that she had always wanted to explore. She knew about all the delicious foods that were waiting for her to try.

She would have so much content to post, she thought to herself.

But before Tracey could even leave the airport, drama ensued.



As she waited to grab her heavy suitcase on the conveyor belt, she knew that she had to wait for her dear Moxie as well.

But as the minutes passed and she had already acquired all of her baggage, there was no sign of Moxie.

She knew that she had to wait for the airline crew to bring Moxie to her.

The Help Desk


An hour had already passed when Tracey approached a help desk. “Um, excuse me, Ma’am.

I just disembarked from Flight 209 from Chicago. I’m supposed to get my dog, Moxie, who was on the flight with me.”

The woman clicked away furiously on her computer until she looked up at Tracey. There was a strange look on her face.

Something Wrong


“Ma’am, could you please have a seat? I will check on where your dog is.” Tracey just shrugged.

She had already been there for over an hour waiting. There was nothing else she could do at this point.

After a half hour of waiting, the desk clerk came back with a look of concern on her face. “Um, Ma’am, could you please follow me.” Tracey knew something was wrong.



Tracey felt her stomach turn into knots. Something was wrong, she could just feel it. And the way the desk clerk’s face looked when she approached her just confirmed it.

Tracey was led to a room that looked like those rooms you see in the movies where they take suspicious people to question them.

She became very nervous. What were they about to tell her?

Men In Suits


“Miss Walker, please have a seat.” Tracey looked at the two men in neat suits that were in the room.

The desk clerk made a swift exit. It was like she knew things were about to go bad for Tracey.

Tracey started to sweat profusely. She felt like she was going to be interrogated for something she didn’t do. “Can you tell me what’s going on? I didn’t do anything, I swear. I just want my dog so that we can check into our Airbnb apartment.”

A Mix-Up


“Miss Walker, there’s no need to worry. This is not an interrogation. We just want to inform you that there’s been a bit of a mix-up with your dog.”

Tracey’s heart sank. She knew it. She could feel it in her bones. Something terrible had happened to her precious Moxie. “Where’s Moxie?

What happened to her? she cried.



The men moved around in the seats nervously. This was a delicate situation, and they didn’t even know how to break the news to Tracey. She was already hysterical.

“No need to panic, Miss Walker. It seems that Moxie was left behind on the layover between Chicago and New York.

But we’re working on getting her back to you as soon as possible.”

Left Behind


“Left behind? How was she left behind? I still saw her as I was getting off of the plane. What kind of airline does this? Where is she?” Tracey demanded.

The men knew that they had a big situation on their hands.

“Miss Walker, our men are doing everything they can to locate Moxie and establish where the mix-up happened.”

The Investigation


As the men in suits explained the situation to Tracey, she felt a whirlwind of emotions. She went from fear to anger to sadness in a matter of seconds. 

They assured her that a thorough investigation was underway and they were working closely with the airport staff in Chicago to track down Moxie.

Tracey could only think of what her poor dog was going through.

Feeling Helpless


Tracey couldn’t help but feel a sense of helplessness. Her beloved dog, who had been her faithful companion for years, was now somewhere in the vast labyrinth of an airport, possibly scared and confused. 

She demanded that they keep her updated on every detail of the investigation.

Moxie meant everything to her, and if anything were to happen to her, there would be hell to pay.

Social Media Storm


Back in the terminal, word had spread about Tracey’s situation. Her live video had garnered even more attention, and her followers were now sharing the news and expressing their outrage on her behalf. 

The hashtag #FindMoxie began trending on social media, and her followers bombarded the airline’s social media accounts with demands for answers.

Tracey hoped that the attention would make the airline work diligently to find her dog faster.

The Long Wait


Days turned into a week, and the wait for any news about Moxie felt excruciatingly long for Tracey.

She had temporarily moved into a hotel near the airport, unable to continue with her vacation plans without her furry companion. 

Every day, she would visit the airport, hoping for an update, but all she received were vague assurances that they were “making progress.”

Stressed Out


The stress began to take a toll on her health. She had trouble sleeping, couldn’t focus on her work, and her appetite had vanished.

Her followers continued to support her, sending messages of encouragement, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that time was running out.

All that occupied her mind was Moxie. When had she last eaten? Was she cold or afraid? Tracey was heartbroken.

A Break in the Case


Just when Tracey was on the brink of despair, she received a late-night call from one of the airline executives.

They had finally made a breakthrough in the case. It turned out that Moxie had been mistakenly placed on a cargo flight to a different city during the layover in Chicago.

With renewed hope, Tracey boarded the next flight to the city where Moxie was now located. It was a long and anxious journey, but she couldn’t wait to be reunited with her beloved dog.

The Reunion


When Tracey arrived at the destination city, the airline’s staff greeted her with an apologetic smile.

They had brought Moxie to the airport, and the moment Tracey saw her dog, tears of joy streamed down her face. 

Moxie, though slightly disoriented from her unexpected adventure, recognized her owner immediately and wagged her tail furiously. Tracey cried tears of joy at finally having her dog with her.

Going Viral


Of course, Tracey live-streamed the emotional reunion, and the heartwarming video went viral.

People from all over the world were touched by their story and the bond between Tracey and Moxie.

Her horde of followers were just as concerned about Moxie as she was. Tracey couldn’t believe that so many people cared about her and Moxie’s well-being.

A Changed Perspective


The airline offered a heartfelt apology, and they compensated Tracey for the ordeal she had gone through.

Tracey’s social media accounts were flooded with messages of support and relief. She decided to turn this traumatic experience into an opportunity for change.

She didn’t want to put any negativity on the situation because she was grateful that the airline went out of its way to rectify what they had done wrong. It was enough for her to forgive them.

Raising Awareness


She used her platform to raise awareness about the importance of pet safety during air travel, pushing for stricter regulations and better training for airline staff. 

She tagged all of the airlines in her post, hoping that they would take note of her concerns.

Her campaign gained momentum, and she soon found herself at the forefront of a movement advocating for the well-being of pets during travel.

A Bittersweet Ending


While the ordeal had been nightmarish, Tracey’s journey had taken an unexpected turn. She had found her voice and a new purpose beyond being a foodie influencer.

Moxie was back in her arms, safe and sound, and they returned home together, stronger and more determined than ever.

Her following had grown in a matter of weeks all because of Moxie’s disappearance, and she now used her platform for more than just food adventures.

Advocates For Change


Moxie, once just an Instagram star, became a symbol of resilience and the importance of standing up for what you believe in.

Together, they embarked on a mission to ensure that no other pet owner would have to go through the same heart-wrenching experience they had endured. 

They became advocates for change, attending conferences and meetings with airline executives to push for improved pet travel policies.

A New Chapter


While the nightmare of Moxie’s disappearance was a chapter they would never forget, it had also opened a new and fulfilling chapter in Tracey’s life.

She realized that she had the power to make a positive impact in the world, and she was determined to use her influence for the greater good. 

With Moxie by her side, they continued their adventures in pursuit of a safer and more compassionate travel experience for pets everywhere.

Inspiring Her Followers


Tracey’s culinary adventures continued, but now she combined her passion for food with her advocacy for pet safety. She knew that her experiences, both the highs and the lows, had shaped her into a stronger person with a more profound appreciation for the things that truly mattered in life.

As she continued to inspire her followers with her resilience and passion, Tracey realized that sometimes, the worst experiences could lead to the most significant transformations.

Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.