3 Benefits of Using Organic Chicken Feed


Did you know that more people are purchasing organic poultry and cage-free eggs? Most are motivated by their health and want to fuel their bodies with natural products. Others are concerned about the welfare of animals and minimizing their impact on the environment. 

Are you raising chickens for meat or eggs? If so, you’ll need to meet strict guidelines if you want to label your products as organic. One of the requirements is supplying your poultry with natural chicken feed. 

Organic feeds are free of pesticides, chemicals, and genetically modified grains. Moreover, protein sources in natural feed must be free of drugs, hormones, and antibiotics. 

What are the benefits of using an organic chicken feed? If you would like to find out, keep reading!

1. GMO-Free Feed Leads to Healthier Chickens

Conventional feed uses genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as grains. These grains do not naturally exist. Rather, someone manipulated them in a lab to create a more resistant or faster-growing plant. 

Although people have been using GMOs for years, there is a lot of controversy around them. Mainly, this is because of the unknown side effects of consuming GMOs long-term. 

Studies in animals reveal that GMOs can lead to immune system problems, faster aging, infertility, and organ damage over time. While there needs to be additional experiments and tests to confirm these findings, most of us would rather not take our chances. 

Feeding your chickens GMO-free food protects them from ailments, resulting in better quality meat and eggs. 

2. Organic Chicken Meat Is Healthier

Organic chicken has high nutritional value and provides a lot of vitamins. Making it a staple in your diet helps you stay slim and healthy. 

Conventional chicken contains abnormal levels of hormones and antibiotics. But organic chicken does not have these substances. So those who eat it won’t have to worry about the changes it can cause in the human body, such as weight gain. 

Organic chicken is also less likely to contain harmful bacteria, such as salmonella or helicobacter pylori. So you won’t have to worry about getting sick or infecting your family with dangerous bacteria. 

If you sell your meat or eggs to the public, using the best chicken feed puts their mind at ease. They know that you go the extra mile to deliver healthy, sustainable products. As a result, they will likely be willing to pay elevated prices for the chicken you raise and the eggs they produce.

3. Organic Chicken Feed Is Widely Available

If you already purchase bulk chicken feed from a farm supply store, ask whether they offer any organic blends. Most farm stores do sell it nowadays since it appeals to many backyard farmers.

If they don’t offer an organic chicken feeder locally, the next best bet is to purchase one online. However, sourcing your feed from local companies is typically the best option since you support small businesses and avoid high shipping costs. 

As a last resort, you can make homemade chicken feed. Yet, most small farmers avoid doing so because it’s difficult to ensure your chickens’ nutritional needs are met and balanced with a homemade chicken feeder. Instead, homemade feed is best as supplements for chickens rather than their main food source.

Bring the Benefits of Organic Feed to Your Farm

If you’d like to improve the health of your chickens and those who eat their meat and eggs, switching to organic chicken feed is the best thing you can do. Although it may cost you a little more money, the benefits are well worth it! 

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