The 2018 Hair Trends We Are Obsessed With This Spring

We've rushed headlong into spring, so it's time to sort out 2018 hair trends for this season that'll work for you! Here are 10 on-trend styles that'll upgrade your look, from the simple to the stylishly intense.

You might still be wondering how it could possibly be nearly April already (hello, inner Grandma), but in the meantime, the hottest 2018 hair trends are hitting the runways, giving us a taste of what we’ll carry on our heads this year.

As always when it comes to high fashion, some styles are doable for real humans, some are out of this world. Thanks to recent fashion shows, we all know what beauty is forecast to look like in the future. Whether we want to test these looks on ourselves or not – are they all worth seeing? We say hell, yes!

So here are the hair trends we are going to love in spring 2018!

10.) ’60s Updos For All

2018 hair trends

This year we’re doing a little throwback to ’60s hippie chic and sweet classy hairstyles. The runways are giving us some serious hair-spiration, turning us into modern retro queens.

This spring, hair accessories are the key to the updo look, and another hair trend is coming in handy: Hairbands and silk headscarves are setting the tone.

Think smoking-hot beehives, loads of volume, cute side bangs, bumped-up buns and fun twists. One of the most sophisticated hair trends and a look for every day – or special events! You choose.

9.) Embracing Natural Curls

2018 hair trends

Last year’s obsession with curly hair is here to stay, so among 2018 hair trends, this one is all about natural beauty, upping the game and leaving the straightener at home.

The hype will only be enforced by the groundbreaking success of Marvel’s Black Panther, a movie whose mostly black cast showcases nothing but naturally beautiful hair.

When did you last see anyone rocking wild locs in a blockbuster movie? Yeah, 2018 is the year!

Embrace your kinks and curls, ladies: Avoid excessive brushing to preserve natural curls and use your fingers instead!

8.) High on Headbands

2018 hair trendsSay goodbye to bad hair days. Many designers are doing hair accessories at the moment: bows, pearls, flowers and, more than anything else, we’re seeing beautiful headbands.

Spring is all about playing with hair, adding accessories and jazzing up your hairstyle while having a lot of fun. What an easy way to upgrade your hairstyle without chemicals and scissors involved!

7.) The Dirty Blonde

2018 hair trends

The hottest trends in Hollywood these days: Dark roots and warm golden blond dispersed in the tresses. This look has us under its spell!

“Golden shades with warmer tones all over is the new platinum,” says BLEACH creative director Alex Brownshell. No surprise here, though: It’s notjust easier to sustain and gentle on your hair, but also much more attainable than a full-on bleach-blonde look.

6.) Buzzcut

2018 hair trends

Kate Hudson is wearing it, so are supermodel Cara Delevingne and singer Halsey. These celebrities are inspiring you to go all in and cut your mane! We’re not just seeing short hair, but buzzed hair!

A radically short haircut will change your look drastically, so be 100% sure its what you want when you’re considering this step. Some might say it makes a woman look manly, but we are certain that this sexy model – as well as the aforementioned celebs – will confirm that’s just a rumor. Another bonus? Think of the added confidence you’ll gain successfully pulling off such a badass buzz!

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5.) The Wet Look

2018 hair trends

The wet look might not be something new for you, but in this year’s version, we’re leaving it loose and structured, instead of sleek and combed back. The damp, drizzled hair that we see on some runways look like the girls have been caught in a full-on downpour in the midst of fall, with their clothes miraculously having stayed dry.

While the grunge-meets-a normal-woman-leaving-an-intense-spin-class look is about creating a special vibe, it’s definitely not one of the 2018 hair trends we’llbe wearing to the office every day.

4.) Army Style

2018 hair trends

Forming a sharp contrast to the natural looks we are seeing more and more this year, some designers are saying goodbye to individuality and transforming their models into soldiers, with strong, clean cuts and colors.

Instead of tailoring the looks to each model, designers created model armies with boyish and strict hair. It’s all about making statements. This is a look for powerful women, who run their own business and don’t hide behind their hair.

3.) The Undone Look

2018 hair trends

“Sometimes you just look like you drove to work with your head out the window. It can be trendy.” — E.R.

Some 2018 hair trends for spring call for tresses that are undone and natural in texture. We are loving raw finishes and couldn’t care less about the perfect curl. Play with different products and change your parting – flip it up and over, create a dramatic ’80s revival or use a diffuser to dry it for that caught-in-the-wind look we’ve been seeing on so many runways.

2.) Schoolgirl Ponytails

2018 hair trends

As classy today as they were inthe ’70s and in medieval times? Braids and ponytails.

The best part: This look takes literally no time at all to re-create. Braids and ponytails were everywhere at Fashion Week. Whereas last season’s looks were dry and romantic, this spring, plaits will be neat and worn low in the back of the neck, which gives a clean and sleek look. And there’s more good news!

The ’90s are back, and they’ve brought our favorite hair tie with them. Scrunchies secure loose locks and give every outfit a fun upgrade. Stick to innocent, effortless looks, no patterns or metallic materials, keep your hair smooth, sleek and most important of all, your braid or ponytail low!

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1.) Silver Hair

2018 hair trends

Yes, we are still in love with this look straight out of space! This year, gray hair comes along in lush silver, super shiny and with a metallic finish, and it’s a magical spring hair trend we can’t get enough of!

“Silver is the new gray, because metallics are really hot right now, from makeup and clothes, right through to hair,” award-winning colorist Jack Howard told Elle UK.

Give it a try and give your hair a beautiful silver shimmer, or go all in with the full extreme!

We hope you’re enjoying these trends as much as we do! What’s your favorite hair trend in 2018, and did we miss one? Let us know and leave a comment below!