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20+ Tinder Bios That Will Make You Swipe Right Instantly

These Tinder bios take the online dating game to a whole new level, and we're here for it. If they don't make you swipe right, they'll at least make you laugh out loud.

Insta-like pictures and perfectly detailed profiles are the new norms of the dating app Tinder. With hundreds of Tinder bios at the tips of one’s fingers, the competition is high, and only those who stand out are remembered. To grab the attention of a potential date, doing things differently is key, as these natural-born comedians prove.

Their Tinder bios earned them internet fame, and you’ll let out more than a few giggles when you read them, too.

Watch and learn, fellas, for these people have mastered the art of the Tinder bio:

33.) Bad Girls Do It Well

tinder bios bad girls

Have you ever met someone who takes everything literally? Katie might not be one of them, but she absolutely nailed the bad girls pun.

If there is one thing we’re sure Katie isn’t bad at, it’s her Tinder bios game. Short and fun; instant right-swipe!

32.) The Intruder

tinder bios | the intruder

Hana either took a leap of faith concerning her Tinder bio or she simply is there for the fun of it.

Uploading only one picture, where she doesn’t flaunt any of her charms, along with that single inquisitive caption is refreshing and original. She will grab anyone’s attention who comes across her profile, that’s for sure.

31.) The Christmas Spirit

tinder bios christmas

If there is one thing I can gather from this image, it’s that I want Katy at any party I attend!

She clearly knows how to turn any mundane situation into a hilarious joke. These are the kind of people who make the most memorable dates.

30.) The One That Got All The Ladies

tinder bios doggo

Bless whatever kind soul made this brilliant Tinder bio.

We were already smitten by these dogs begging for food and had a cuteness overload with these pics of babies and puppies, but we weren’t ready to find such an adorable dog even on Tinder. Hoping for a match!

29.) The Halloween Queen

tinder bios | Halloween queen

*Snort* Dunkin’ Donuts, that’s a good one. Without the caption, many would have skipped this brilliant pun and thus missed a potentially super fun date.

Keep the fun coming, Caitlin.

28.) Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Tinder bios for dying girls

Honestly, this is one of the Tinder bios that make feel bad for laughing about them. There is something about dark humor that draws you in and makes you feel like a horrible person, and yet you can’t get enough of it.

Leah, wherever you are, we hope you’re feeling better and that you matched with the guy/gal of your dreams.

27.) The One Who Will Get You Head Over Heels

tinder bios | girl fallen on face

Our first reaction was “Ouch!,” but then we couldn’t help but laugh. If this autobiography ever sees the light, we want this Tinder pic to be its cover: The cartoonish fall is a real showstopper.

Next time Lucy, we hope that you fall… in love. (We’ll see ourselves out.) 

26.) The Mastermind

Tinder bios | the mastermind

Senora is a research assistant, and with her background, you can be sure she will achieve her goal of infiltrating your family.

You have been warned.

25.) The Band Ad

Tinder bios | band ad

That’s a girl who knows her priorities, and she states them right away. Be ready to blast “Fergalicious” on full volume if you ever land a date with this lady.

Also, this caption went viral on Instagram after Sam Smith shared it on Instagram three years ago, captioning it “AMEN.” Needless to say, many people agreed with him.

24.) The Low Standards

tinder bios laura

Darn! That burn. We’re having mixed feeling about matching with Laura, and we wonder what the guys who did think of it. At least she was honest.

A match doesn’t mean she had been infatuated by the guy; he might just be not as bad as the others. Should you feel happy or hurt? Your call.

23.) The Freaky Friday Scenario

tinder bios grandma

This one made us laugh out loud. That’s one genius way to show that you’re a family-oriented guy and have a good sense of humor. (Should we expect some dad jokes though?)

Bonus point for the grandma for playing along; family gatherings must be loads of fun!

22.) *Spits Water*

tinder bios | Hope, 19

The innuendo is strong with this one. This is one of those Tinder bios that catch you by surprise when you expect it the least.

If she can come up with these kinds of jokes on the spot, Hope might have a promising career as a comedian.

21.) The New Model

tinder bios improved

Carolina must be well-versed in the art of Tinder. She might have learned from her past experiences and discovered what works best and why.

The improved selection algorithm is one feature we’re particularly interested in, for it might save anyone from catastrophic Tinder dates.

20.) What Would Jesus Do?

Jesus Tinder bios

From start to finish, this dude is taking his role seriously, and we applaud his determination.

Everything is spot-on: the “nail” pun, the “You need some Jesus in you,” and of course the tricky picture of Jesus turning water into wine. The “Jesus, Take the Wheel” song is the final touch that sells it for us.

19.) The One Who Doesn’t Take Risks

Tinder bios | carve our initials

Louis CK once said that the most dangerous thing a woman can do is go on a date with a guy. Honestly, it’s not far from reality. And when it’s only based on the assumptions of a Tinder profile, one can never be sure whether they’re dealing with a normal guy or a serial killer.

This young lady has the solution.

18.) The Portfolio

tinder bios mark

Mark knows the deal: A Tinder bio serves as a conversation starter; that’s why he’s creatively taking advantage of it.

We’re left with so many questions regarding his Monopoly beauty contest, whistling talent and dogs that are seemingly in human costumes that we have no choice but to swipe right. The review system he’s using has us in stitches, especially the second one.

17.) The Father Figure

tinder bios | like dating your dad

This sounds like the scenario of a badly directed movie, and we’re intrigued by where this comes from.

Mateus, you have a wild imagination, and we want to know what other stories you have in mind.

16.) The Package Deal

tinder bios package deal with Kermit

Alright, Kermit, we can tolerate the human, but he needs to stay in the car during the dates.

That’s as far as we can go.

15.) Pretty Please?

Tinder bios | Please date me

Oh come on, we can think of plenty of reasons why someone would date you, Andrew.

First and foremost, a guy who takes a picture with two cows looking like they’re about to drop the hottest album of the season sure has a story to share, and we wanna know it.

14.) The Strong References

Tinder bios | strong reference

Here is another one with references that would put all your Tinder matches to shame. Additionally, anyone posting a pic of themselves with a fake mustache as their first profile pic has my undivided attention.

Cee is winning at the dating game and life.

13.) Bring It On!

tinder bios | bring it on

Mic drop! When dealing with Samantha, expect a few collateral damages, for she is one fierce lady.

As we said before, we love people who know how to get a few giggles out of an unpleasant situation, and this Tinder bio is a perfect example of it. Funny is sexy, y’all.

12.) The Geography Pun

tinder bios | geography pun

With Savanah, you’ll have fun and learn geography facts.

We’ve already covered a list of reasons why people get on dating websites after a breakup, but we didn’t know that “getting educated” could be added to the list.

11.) The One You Will Run After

tinder bios wheelchair

The anatomy of the perfect Tinder bio?

You need to start with a witty joke, followed by a modern movie/TV reference, then sneak a subtle ‘D’ joke, then finish with a quirky, intriguing side note.

10.) Upside Down Confusion

tinder bios upside down picture

Sergio, this was very clever.

We wonder why he is trying to confuse everyone because we think he is cute. Don’t be hard on yourself, Sergio!

9.) Something Smells Fishy

tinder bios fish
We would want to know who is behind this account. Are they trying to mess with people?

The first date will probably be a guy or gal holding a fish or just a fish staring at you through a tank. Take the risk and see what happens

8.) Duck Taco

tinder bios duck taco
The sense of humor is attractive to anyone and we are pretty sure that he is not weird.

If his family saw this picture, they might have questions.

7.) Bacon Girl

tinder bios bacon

Some girls really like roses, other girls really like chocolate.

The only thing on Evelien’s mind is just and only bacon.

6.) The Subtle Message

tinder bios bananas

Well, when you are tinder, everyone assumes you’re single.

Reading that banana comment had us thinking, but eventually we understood. She probably got a lot of matches.

5.) Walking On The Beach Isn’t Ideal

tinder bios long walks on the beach

Walking on the beach is fun, but some of us don’t like to.

Kayleen, we hope you find the perfect person that will take you on the proper date.

4.) No Chins Dance

tinder bios no chins

Did you know there was a turn on for having a chin?

We don’t care, chin or no chin, if you are cute, we will swipe right.

3.) First Dates are Free Food

tinder bios chiptole

How many of you have gone on a date just to get free food? Well, Rachel is honest and loves Chipotle.

Hopefully she got what she deserved: a delicious burrito with bomb guac.

2.) Sky’s The Limit

tinder bios perfect girl

If someone hasn’t swiped right on this tinder bio, it’s shocking. Skyler seems to understand what marriage is like and what happiness is.

Good for you, Skyler. You deserve the perfect person!

1.) Imaginary Date

tinder bios perfect trip

Yes, you read that right. It went from a dream trip to a disaster.

James, we hope you find the perfect date soon because you are so funny!

What do you think of these Tinder bios? Which of these would you swipe right for? Let us know in the comments and share your craziest Tinder stories! And if you want to go beyond Tinder, check out our next article to discover five other dating websites!