2-Year-Old Has 10 Cheeseburgers Delivered Daily Until Driver Realizes Something Is Very Wrong


Playing With Her Phone

Shauna was too busy to notice what her two-year-old son Camden was doing.

He had been playing with her phone like he always did on a daily basis.

He loved playing the games she had installed especially for him, but somehow, he had managed to access more than just the games. Shauna was in for a big surprise.

A Single Mom


Being a single mother to a two-year-old was not easy. Shauna Patton from Cleveland, Ohio, tried her best to provide for her son, Camden.

Working as a teaching assistant meant that she could at least afford to put her son in daycare while she was at work.

But she looked forward to spending some quality time with him in the evenings and over the weekends.

Curious Boy


Shauna noticed how curious Camden was at a very early age. He always picked up everything, trying to see what it was and what he could do with it.

She constantly had to grab certain things away from him.

He had a habit of also grabbing things that he was not supposed to. Shauna always had her hands full, trying to watch him.

Interested In One Thing


But now, at two years old, Camden was only interested in one thing, and that was his mother’s mobile phone.

Shauna battled to keep her phone hidden from him, but he knew just where she hid it from him.

If he wanted it, he let out a cry until Shauna handed it to him, and he cheekily grabbed it, clumsily pressing on the screen as if he knew what he was doing.

Smarter Than She Thought


But Shauna had no idea that her son was smarter than she thought. He knew his way around her phone and could quickly press on the toddler gaming apps that she had installed for him.

Soon, he could be heard giggling and singing along to whatever was amusing him on the screen.

Shauna loved watching him, but sometimes she regretted giving him her phone.



It made it difficult for her to even take a call or to read text messages or an email from work.

She knew the best solution would be to get him an iPad so that he could watch kiddie programs and play games to his heart’s content.

But as a single mom, every penny she made was precious, and at the end of each month, there wasn’t much left to save.

A Busy Day


But on one busy Saturday morning, things would take an unexpected turn for Shauna.

As she had so many chores to do around the house, she left Camden in the safety of his playpen while she cleaned the house.

Of course, it made it easier if he had her phone. That way, he wouldn’t kick up a fuss with her not being in the room. But Shauna would soon regret her actions.



While she walked around the house collecting any dirty laundry and toys that had been lying around, she noticed that Camden had been very quiet.

However, when she popped her head into the living room, she could see that he was still preoccupied with her phone.

She left him to it and continued with the chores.

Busy With Something


But what she didn’t know was that Camden was busy with something. Although she couldn’t hear the loud audio of the games, she left her son because he looked like he was busy, and that’s what she needed.

She had so much to do before she could put him down for a nap.

But that was her biggest mistake yet.

The Doorbell Rings


After an hour of doing two loads of laundry and cleaning the house, Shauna was exhausted.

She sat down on the couch to give herself a break.

Camden was busy playing with some of his toys, and Shauna allowed herself to doze off for a few minutes. But she was rudely awakened by the sound of the doorbell.



Shauna signed. She wished she could just get a few minutes of sleep without being interrupted.

She made her way to the door, and when she opened it, she got the surprise of her life.

“Good afternoon, Ma’am. Your order has arrived. Thanks for the tip. I really appreciate it,” the man said. Shauna just looked at the man in confusion.

Wait A Minute


Just as the guy was about to leave, she stopped him. “Wait a minute, I didn’t order anything.

You must have the wrong house,” she said to him, handing him the bag of fast food.

The guy from DoorDash quickly looked at his phone. “Um, is your name Shauna Patton? We received an order from you just 30 minutes ago,” he replied.



Shauna scrunched up her face to look at his phone, and sure enough, her name and address were displayed on the screen.

An order for ten cheeseburgers was placed.

Shauna still didn’t know what had happened. She was so exhausted. She accepted the order and went inside. “Well, it looks like someone sent us lunch, Camden.”

A Treat From Friends?


She knew Camden loved cheeseburgers, so it was a treat for them to have someone send them lunch. And knew it could only be one of her friends.

Shauna put her son in his high chair and gave him half of a cheeseburger.

Enjoying one herself and thought about the other eight they still had left.

Who Sent The Cheeseburgers?


As Shauna and Camden enjoyed their unexpected cheeseburgers, she couldn’t help but wonder which one of her friends had sent this surprise treat. She quickly texted a few of her closest friends, asking if they had arranged the food delivery.

One by one, her friends replied, all denying any involvement in the cheeseburger delivery.

Shauna’s curiosity grew with each message she received. Who could have possibly sent them this feast of cheeseburgers?

The Mysterious Order


After finishing their lunch, Shauna decided to call the DoorDash driver back and ask if he had any additional information about the mysterious order.

When she reached him on the phone, the driver explained that he had picked up the order from a local restaurant and delivered it to her address as specified in the app.

He had received a tip in advance, which was why he thanked her earlier.

A Welcome Surprise


Shauna shrugged. Someone must have sent it. But to her, it was a welcome surprise.

Food was expensive, and having meals for at least two more days took a huge weight off of her shoulders.

At least she could use the money for something else. She went to bed thinking about the guardian angel that she and Camden had gained. But Shauna’s problems were far from over.

Doing Some Work


The following day, she had to do some admin work. Once again, she put Camden in his playpen and handed her phone to him.

He happily began touching the screen to find his games.

Shauna had to finish the admin before Monday, so she didn’t even have time to look up. She knew Camden was secured in his playpen. But then, after a few minutes of work, she was interrupted again.

Back Again


She was so flustered from having to concentrate on getting her work done that she just opened the door without looking through the peephole as she normally did.

And standing on her doorstep once again was the same DoorDash delivery guy from the previous day.

“Hi again, Ma’am. Seems like you have a secret admirer. Same order as yesterday. Enjoy and have a good day.”

Another Order


But this time, before she could even talk to him, he was gone in a flash. She took the heavy bag and placed it on the dining room table.

When she looked inside, she started getting a little worried.

She took the contents out of the brown paper bag and placed them on the table. She was looking at ten cheeseburgers again.

Too late


By now, Shauna was puzzled. Who was sending her cheeseburgers, and why would they send them the very next day again? Something wasn’t right.

When she heard her son Camden giggling at her phone, she ran over to him and grabbed it from his hands.

But by then, it was already too late. Someone was at her door. Shauna was having the worst day of her life.



When she looked through the window, she saw who it was. She quickly opened the door to a very concerned-looking face.

“Ma’am, I think something is wrong. I just received another order from you.

Are you sure someone isn’t playing with your phone or something? I’ve seen something like this before,” the DoorDash guy named Adam said, looking very worried.

The Problem


Shauna let him in. “I don’t know what’s going on, but my son has been playing games on my phone,” Shauna said in a huff.

It was then that Adam took her phone and scrolled through it.

“Here’s your problem, Shauna. Your son has been unknowingly ordering cheeseburgers every day by just pressing some icons on your phone,” he replied.

She Missed It


Shauna’s heart dropped. How could she have missed it? She was so busy that she didn’t check what Camden was doing on her phone.

“I’m sorry. I’ve seen it happen before. If your details and credit card are already loaded, it’s just a matter of a few clicks.

He probably just clicked on your previous order, “ Adam explained.



This was not what she needed. Her son had ordered the equivalent of $90 worth of cheeseburgers.

Plus he tipped the DoorDash delivery guy generously.

“Thank you for coming back and alerting me. I appreciate it, but why don’t you take the extra burgers for yourself? We have enough over here,” Shauna offered.

An Unexpected Situation


Adam chuckled and thanked Shauna for her generosity. He left with the bag of cheeseburgers, leaving Shauna to deal with the unexpected situation.

Shauna realized she needed to be more vigilant with her son and her phone. She couldn’t afford to have Camden accidentally order food every day.

She also needed to set up additional security measures on her phone to prevent such incidents in the future.

Grateful To Adam


As she watched Adam drive away, Shauna couldn’t help but feel grateful for his honesty and understanding. It was a small act of kindness that had saved her from a considerable financial burden.

She decided to limit Camden’s time he spent on her phone. She couldn’t afford another slip-up like this.

It was essential that she got that iPad for him. She couldn’t let something like that happen again.



With newfound determination, Shauna started researching affordable options for getting an iPad for Camden.

She knew it would take some time to save up, but she was determined to provide her son with a safe and enjoyable platform for his curiosity.

In the evenings, after putting Camden to bed, she began exploring ways to secure her phone better and prevent accidental orders.

Security Measures


Over the next few weeks, Shauna implemented various security measures on her phone, including setting up a PIN code for purchases and hiding the food delivery apps in a separate folder.

That way, Camden would not be able to access anything that involved money or her personal information.

She couldn’t take any more risks. Her two-year-old was way too curious at this point.

Kindness And Support


Shauna learned that even in the midst of unexpected challenges, there could be moments of kindness and support.

And as she continued to navigate the ups and downs of single motherhood.

She was determined to ensure that her son’s curiosity would be nurtured in a safe and controlled environment, one cheeseburger order at a time.


This story was handcrafted with love by a creative novelist to thrill and entertain, mirroring real-life situations to awaken your imagination and evoke profound emotions. All events, places, and characters are products of the author’s imagination, and all images and videos are used for illustrative purposes only. We hope you enjoyed reading it just as much as we enjoyed writing it!