18 Celebrity Prom Pictures You Won’t Believe

By Youmn January 8, 2019 View all posts (89)

In their teenage years, our favorite celebrities were (kinda) like all of us. The pre-fame era of some of them just shows how ordinary — or not — they all were. And just like us, they had to glam up for the special day of any teenager: prom. But unlike us, the pictures they took didn’t sit quietly in a family album or private IG account. These photos are now part of the celebrity prom pictures album that every fan wants to discover.

From traditional prom pictures, mix-and-matched styles and funny-silly photographs (we see you, Will Ferrell), all these special pictures help us catch a glimpse of the magical days of our favorite celebs.

Here Are 18 Throwback Celebrity Prom Pictures All Fans Want to See. 

18.) Beyonce

beyonce celebrity prom pictures


Does Queen B age at all? Her cheerful look, as well as her date’s, makes this prom pic absolutely lovely.

Even when she was younger, she still had her signature class and inner swag.