25 Unrecognizable Famous People—Have You SEEN Carrot Top These Days?

Hollywood is a tough place to get old. Rather than embrace aging, many celebs turn to plastic surgery, and some have atrocious results…

Would you know Carrot Top if you ran into him in the grocery store? Scroll to number 12 to find out!

Here are 25 unrecognizable famous people:

1.) Janice Dickinson


Janice Dickinson back in the day, before she became an unrecognizable famous person

Janice Dickinson is self-described (as well as described by others) as the world’s first supermodel, gracing catwalks and the covers of numerous international fashion magazines in her heyday.

She’s admitted to having a breast enlargement, tummy tuck, neck- and face-lifts and liposuction in the past, and today is one unrecognizable famous person.