10 Videos of Amazingly Talented Humans Who Stole the Show

Talent comes in many forms and in many faces. These 10 talented humans can do some amazing things with their minds and with their bodies.

Talent comes in many forms and from many places around the world. There are artistic humans who can belt out a tune that makes your jaw drop, or athletes who make your muscles hurt just thinking about how they move their bodies that way. Whether it’s pushing their bodies or their minds to the limit, it’s always impressive to see what humans can do, if they work for it.

Without further ado, we’d like to present 10 talented humans who are sure to amaze you. May this inspire you to hone your own talent … and record it for us to enjoy!

1.) This Aussie Bloke Steals the Show with a One-two Punch!

This super martial artist hails from Down Under. Like any talented sports star, he pushes his body beyond the limit of what should be possible. His passion and determination are immediately clear when he takes the stage at Australia’s Got Talent. This Aussie has got oodles of talent and is sure to wow you with his prowess. At first it looks like he might be joking, but it becomes clear that this guy is ready to take on the world. The song that he chose to represent his talent makes it all the more exciting for the audience and judges.

2.) Here Are Your Front Row Seats for Helium Opera Singing

Opera singing is a talent all by itself. It requires the artist to not only sing in time and in tune with the rest of the orchestra, but many times to also act. The pieces combine lyrics with a musical score accompanied by an orchestra. These performances incorporate costumes, scenery, stage acting and sometimes dancing. This talented lady took it to a whole new level by adding helium. By ingesting this gas, the sound quality of one’s voice (its tone or timbre) is affected by allowing sound to travel faster. This changes the resonances of your vocal tract by making it more responsive to high-frequency sounds. This girl nailed it.

3.) Age Hasn’t Slowed Down These Talented Humans

Meet the Cocooners, Michelle (63), Heather (70s), Lynn (80), Maxine (75), four sweet grannies who have a whole lot of talent hidden just beneath the surface. This four-piece dance troupe stole the show at Britain’s Got Talent, so that even tough judge Simon Cowell was speechless. It starts off with the judges being sweet, as you are to four adorable elderly ladies, but their faces changed completely when the music started. The dancers took their places on stage, and as soon as the spotlight hit them, they got into costume. Prepare to be dazzled and to stomp your feet along with this class act.

4.) We’ve Looked into the Crystal Ball: Yes, There Is a Grammy in Your Future!

The video starts with a kid belting the blues. About 20 seconds in, the man in the shop stops him and says, “I don’t freaking believe what I’m hearing. So I want to be able to show my friends, okay?” He was so impressed with this young boy’s talent that he just couldn’t resist the chance to listen to it again. The blues have been around since the end of the 19th century, but has there ever been a child who could perform like this? You’ll want to listen to this track over and over again. Get this kid an arena to perform for!

5.) The Most Intricate Putt/Pool Combination of All Time?

The video starts as any putt would, with a golf ball, a putter and a target to aim for. It becomes so much more than that. Have you ever seen an intricate setup of dominoes? This is essentially that, but on a much larger scale. The camera goes down three sets of stairs, a hallway and onto a series of pool tables. On each pool table, there’s a cue linked to the next table so the motion of the shot keeps going. Once it gets to the last table in the first room, it goes to a second one, also set up with pool tables. Eventually, it’s a hole in one!

6.) Longboarding Is Hard, But She Makes Dancing on One Look Easy

Longboarding lets some riders reach speeds exceeding 50 mph. Longboards are similar to a skateboard, but they provide more stability, traction, and durability due to the larger wheels and length of the board.

Ana Maria Suzano dances, freestyles, freerides and goes downhill on hers. Whether you’ve ridden a longboard before or not, you’ll be wowed by this girl. Her impressive technique and smooth style on a longboard will make you want to boogie. If you’re going to try this out for yourself, you should definitely be wearing a helmet. We promise, it’ll be just as fun but way safer.

7.) Is There Anything Candide Thovex Can’t Ride?

“One of Those Days” is a series of videos created by professional skier Candide Thovex. He is a skier who doesn’t need a piste to rip it up. Jumps, turns, twists, and overall havoc are just a few ways to describe his skiing style. There is nothing and no one that could discourage him from going fastand pushing forward. Of course, having a helicopter as part of your arsenal doesn’t hurt if you want to make it to the bottom. This is just one of many videos of this talented human, but it encapsulates his talent perfectly.

8.) This Talented Human Plays the ‘Game of Thrones’ Theme Song on Violin and Piano!

Highly skilled at piano, violin and Dance Dance Revolution, Lara can throw down a tune like there’s no tomorrow and never miss a note. She caters to a very niche type of audience, which adds to her unique flair. She has played music from The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, to name a few. Whether you’re into these types of video games or television shows or not, you’ll go absolutely crazy for her music. Find yourself a silent space and get ready to binge on her tunes.

9.) A Ballet Worthy of The Land Before Time

The pas de bouree is a ballet move that takes many forms that mostly relate to the direction the dancer is moving or if his or her legs are bending or straight. We present the pas de bour-rex. Starting with a warmup at the bar, the T-rex nails its moves. Next, it moves onto a routine. Although it may look a bit sloppy – as a ballet dancer, you’re supposed to have exquisite form – the footwork is impressive. Keep your eye on the choreography if you can! Who do you think did it better, the T-rex or the company dancers?

10.) The Gay Men’s Chorus of New York Gives Sia a Run for Her Money

Recently featured on John Oliver’s HBO news show Last Week Tonight, the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus is a musical experience to behold. The group has been performing since 1980 and is known for specializing in musical theater, contemporary classical music, vocal jazz and popular music.

In this video, the chorale is singing Titanium, originally performed by Sia. If you want to sing along to the chorus here are the lyrics: “I’m bulletproof nothing to lose/ Fire away, fire away/ Ricochet, you take your aim/ Fire away, fire away/ You shoot me down but I won’t fall, I am titanium/ You shoot me down but Iwon’t fall/ I am titanium, I am titanium, I am titanium, I am titanium”.

These talented humans don’t even scratch the surface of what’s out there in the world. It should, however, give you the inspiration you need to hone your own talent.

Which one was your favorite? Are there some we may have missed? Please share with us in the comments below!

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