10 Videos of Amazingly Talented Humans Who Stole the Show

Talent comes in many forms and from many places around the world. There are artistic humans who can belt out a tune that makes your jaw drop, or athletes who make your muscles hurt just thinking about how they move their bodies that way. Whether it’s pushing their bodies or their minds to the limit, it’s always impressive to see what humans can do, if they work for it.

Without further ado, we’d like to present 10 talented humans who are sure to amaze you. May this inspire you to hone your own talent … and record it for us to enjoy!

1.) This Aussie Bloke Steals the Show with a One-two Punch!

This super martial artist hails from Down Under. Like any talented sports star, he pushes his body beyond the limit of what should be possible. His passion and determination are immediately clear when he takes the stage at Australia’s Got Talent. This Aussie has got oodles of talent and is sure to wow you with his prowess. At first it looks like he might be joking, but it becomes clear that this guy is ready to take on the world. The song that he chose to represent his talent makes it all the more exciting for the audience and judges.