Whale-Penis Leather? 5 Crazy Luxury Options on Cars

Image Credit: Luxist.com
If you haven’t already heard of massaging car seats, humidors in the glove box, and umbrellas inside doorframes, then you just don’t know what true luxury is. Maybe crystal-embossed cigarette lighters and pop-up rear speakers aren’t luxurious enough for you … maybe you just want something a little more. Well, we’ve got 5 excessive examples of craziness right here for you.

5 Aston Martin Jaeger LeCoultre AMVOX2 DBS Transporter Watch

Image Credit: Inrumor.com

Watches are a status symbol, we all know that, now how about a watch that can start up and open the locks on your Aston Martin? Yeah, that’s right, having an Aston isn’t enough, I need a $40,000 watch to start the thing up. Considering the watch itself costs more than the car I currently own (actually both of the cars I own combined), I doubt I’ll ever have one of these things on my wrist.

4 Maybach Perfume Atomiser

Image Credit: Bornrich.com

What can $5,000 fetch you? A perfumer atomizer that gives off lovely scent puffs of perfume every so often inside your Maybach. It looks like a glass ball, has a variety of scents, and … wait … wait! A $5,000 Glade Plug-in? I mean, don’t they sell those little cardboard Christmas trees at gas stations for, like, a buck? I mean, sure they aren’t hand-blown and they smell a little strong but … okay, I guess for a 500k car throwing in another 5k is peanuts … but still.

3 Maybach Guard B4

Image Credit: Automobilemag.com

Look, if you can afford whale penis leather in your car, you clearly need some additional protection from, I don’t know, say, gunfire from someone attempting to kidnap you or your family. The Maybach Guard option will protect you from .44s, and with run-flat tires, an armored gas tank, protective glass, and all sorts of other high-security extras, you’ll be covered if you ever come under gunfire.

2 Dartz Whale Leather Interior

Image Credit: Thehogring.com

Not just any whale leather, but whale penis leather! Yes, I am serious – this is for real. But don’t worry, they phased the whale penis leather out a little while back, so if you’re a “save-the-whales” type there’s no battle left to fight. Though, if you really want to get yourself wrapped up in the plush excessiveness of whale penis leather, head to China – the option occasionally comes back for those who absolutely need the most ridiculous looking, outlandish SUV on the planet.

1 Rolls-Royce ‘Starry Night’ Ceiling

Image Credit: Luxpresso.com

What’s better than having your Rolls decked out with a ceiling that looks like a night sky by way of hundreds of little fiber optic lights? The real sky, I guess … but that’s a moot point. Prepare to relax under the “stars” while being chauffeured around after a stressful day of fat-catting it up. Or perhaps you just want this kind of lighting installed to set the mood (ifyouknowwhatimean). Whatever your pleasure is, it’ll cost you an additional 12k.


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