Top 5 Worst Wedding Trends

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When it comes to weddings, even the worst trends can catch like wildfire. Spend an afternoon on Pinterest, and you’ll know what I mean. If you or someone you know is getting married and are contemplating one of the following trends, please stop immediately. Also, maybe you should take a long, hard look at who you are planning to spend your life with because you clearly lack good judgement.

5 Morning-After Photos

This next trend sounds like fodder for a hilarious “Saturday Night Live” sketch. Morning after photos—photos taken in your honeymoon suite the morning after you take your vows—are a “trend” now. Um, we get it. You had all sorts of great wedding night sex in those super-fancy satin sheets. That doesn’t mean we need to see your tousled hair and stripped bed. Don’t ever do this.

4 Pet Ring Bearers

It’s frustrating to see a toddler who can barely walk on his own performing the role of ring bearer. Weddings are long enough without adding an adorable little time-sucker to the wedding march. The only thing worse than seeing a toddler attempt to make it down the aisle is watching someone try to successfully guide a dog down one. Stop putting your pets in tuxedos and strapping thousands of dollars worth of jewelry to a pillow on their backs. Just stop.

3 Tweeting from the Altar

Social media addictions are real and rampant, so we shouldn’t be surprised that tweeting from the altar is a “thing.” If you can’t put your phone down for 10 minutes to give your bride or groom-to-be your undivided attention, you may need an intervention. Maybe no one has told you this, but if you don’t document an event in real time on Twitter it still happened.

2 Themed Engagement Photos

Your mutual love of “Star Wars” may have been what brought you together, but please don’t dress like Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker for your engagement photos. This kind of engagement photo will not stand the test of time. Go for something classic—preferably a theme that does not require visiting a costume shop.

1 “You’re Not Invited” Postcards

In case leaving a friend off of your guest list isn’t awkward enough, you can actually send people who didn’t make the cut little postcards explaining why. Don’t be surprised if the recipients of these cards stop inviting you over for dinner. Maybe you should tell everyone who’s not invited that you are having a dry wedding and the groom’s family is allergic to cake. No one will care about missing a wedding with no booze or cake.
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