Top 5 Pets for Busy People

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When you’d love to have a pet but think you’re so busy you might forget to feed the little critter, there’s good news for you. Busy people can have pets. When you’re not too busy, do some research and find a pet that prefers to be left alone and requires minimal care. Adopt one of these top five pets for busy people and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you can keep something other than yourself alive.

5 Cat

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Cats are stuck up and kind of evil—but they are fantastic pets for busy people. Cats don’t really hate you. Actually, they don’t think about you at all. Just leave some food and water out, and change the litter box now and then. Oh, and leave some clean dark-colored clothes in a laundry basket so kitty can mark you as part of its territory. Then you’re pretty much done.

4 Goldfish

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A goldfish doesn’t care if you’re ever home, which makes it the perfect pet for a busy person. You can even pet your fish when your schedule allows, but why would you want to? A little fish requires only a small sprinkle of fish food every day. Clean the tank or bowl once a week by removing about 1/4 of the water and replacing it with clean water, and your little aqua buddy will be happy.

3 Tarantula

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Before you run screaming for the hills, find out why tarantulas are ideal pets for busy people. They prefer that you don’t touch them, and they scare off even the burliest of intruders. Tarantulas eat live crickets and locusts, which you can pick up at pet stores. In fact, they can live for weeks without food, although they prefer a handful of crickets every week. As for water, a small container, like a jar lid, kept half-full is enough water for your creepy little love bug. One tiny drawback is that tarantulas shed their skin two to three times per year—and it’s kind of gross.

2 Ant Farm

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Too busy for walks, feeding, watering or freaky molting episodes? Get an ant farm. These little cuties go about their business completely unconcerned about where you are or what you’re doing. Ants eat just about anything, including seeds, bread, meat, leaves and fruit. Once each week, drop in two or three crumb-sized pieces of food—and that’s it. Ants also need a few drops of water every couple of days, so that the sand or soil in the farm is damp but not soggy. The most important thing about ants is to make sure the farm is tightly sealed. You don’t want your tiny darlings escaping.

1 Rock

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If you have zero time for a pet, get a pet rock. It doesn’t have to be walked, fed or groomed, and it won’t complain when you leave for a weekend conference in Vegas. Dress it up in fun clothes—like tiny rock hats and tiny rock tutus—and never worry that it will chew or pee on a single thing in your house.

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