Top 5 News Anchors of All Time

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News anchors must have the drive and passion to keep reporting on tragedies day in and day out. These top five in the business have captured the hearts of many, earning them the right to be among the best new anchors of all time.

5.) Anderson Cooper

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Anderson Cooper’s rise to stardom followed a traumatic childhood. His father died suddenly in 1977 during open-heart surgery. Cooper was just 10 years old. Less than a decade later, his brother committed suicide. Cooper became empowered to figure out why some people survive and others don’t, claiming that reporting news on wars just seemed logical. In the early 1990s, he took a camera to Asia and got footage of some of the turmoil in the southeast region. That raw coverage landed him the position of chief international correspondent for “Channel One” — a news program for U.S. schools. By 1995, ABC put Cooper on as a news correspondent, then promoted him to co-anchor of “World News Now.” In 2003, Cooper landed his own show on CNN, “Anderson Cooper 360.” By 2013, he manages to stay busy by reporting the news with CNN and hosting his signature talk show, “Anderson Live.”

4.) Katie Couric

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Katie Couric was born to be in the spotlight. Her father was a journalist and her mother was a public relations executive. After earning an American Studies degree from the University of Virginia in 1979, Couric moved to Washington, D.C., determined to land a career in news reporting. While working her way up from desk assistant with ABC, Couric picked up producing and on-air reporting jobs around the country with CNN. By the late ’80s, she settled back in D.C. and accepted a reporter position with NBC. Her reporting of the U.S. invasion of Panama and the Persian Gulf War made her well-known to Americans. By 1991, she had worked her way up to a co-anchor position on the “Today” show, then became the first lone woman to anchor the CBS “Evening News” in 2006. As of 2013, Couric hosts a talk show called “Katie” on ABC.

3.) Brian Williams

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Brian Williams started out working for a small news network in Kansas in the early 1980s. After building up an audience, he was hired by a network in New York City, bringing him back to his home state. Even though Williams earned an Emmy Award for his reporting of the 1987 stock market collapse, he had a reputation for being stiff and unable to connect with audiences. He continued to climb the ranks in spite of that, though, working as a White House correspondent and co-anchor of several news programs. The “Nightly News with Brian Williams” debuted in 2004, after Williams took over the spot from previous anchorman Tom Brokaw. Williams became a household name compared to other news anchors, after his emotional reporting of hurricane Katrina in 2005. He continues to build his audience by making comedic appearances on “The Daily Show” and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

2.) Walter Cronkite

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Walter Cronkite is truly a news legend. He had a crucial role in launching the CBS “Evening News” back in 1962. Cronkite remained the show’s leading anchorman for nearly two decades, reporting through the Vietnam War and the Watergate scandal. He was known for his signature signoff line—“And that’s the way it is”—as well as his level-headed ability to honestly report the facts, making him one of the highly trusted news anchors. Cronkite retired from the “Evening News” in 1981 at 65 years of age, but went on to produce and make small appearances on several history programs. In 2009, Cronkite passed away from complications of cerebrovascular disease, although the impact he made on news reporting lives on.

1.) Barbara Walters

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Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Barbara Walters was surrounded by spotlights from an early age. Her father, Lou Walters, a nightclub entrepreneur, opened up clubs from Boston to Miami Beach. Because celebrities were a big part of her father’s business, Walters always had a knack for being comfortable around glitz and glam. After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College 1953, Walters’ calm collective personality shined through in her career path. She was hired on as a writer and researcher with the “Today” show in the early 1960s. Eventually, she worked her way up to co-host based on her ability to communicate and seamlessly rub elbows with Hollywood’s finest. She went on to co-host “20/20” and was the first woman to co-anchor an evening news program. As of 2013, Walters keeps on going — at the age of 83 — by co-hosting “The View.”

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  • SemperFi

    What a crock of crap!! List 4 known liberals and call them the greatest? Obviously you have to know what makes a good journalist in order to rate them! With a good journalist, you dont have a clue who they would vote for! With a good journalist, you get the news, good and bad, unbiased, and dig for the truth no matter how it may end. On that list there is only ONE who meets that criteria! Walter Cronkite. Barbara Walters met that criteria at one time, but then she became a big name and turned into a diva who felt she should tell people how to vote. The other 3, the same thing. Biased left and dont tell the news as it is if its bad for their candidate. You left out some very good people! Learn what a journalist is and then do the article again!

  • batteredup

    To the brainwashed conservative anyone to the left of notsobreitbart is liberal, but thats a disservice to the debate. Just like you bought into the pretense of protecting Americas freedoms when you served as cannon fodder for the corporate war profiteering machine … thanks for trying to do good, but you were led by evil intentions. You gotta learn to think beyond name-tags. Issues, man, issues are more relevant!

  • SemperFi

    The difference between you and me. You might try, probably dont. I dont try, I succeed. Apparently you never had the opportunity to leave coddledom and still think you deserve a participation trophy just because you posted. Case in point, all the posts below mine that agree with me and you posted nothing to those. Poor little buttercup, you dont understand what brainwashing is. You dont know what research is beyond your little left wing world and biased media. If you did, you would know you were the one lied to. Have been lied to and still are lied to! Take a hike and learn a learn to respect your country and those who take care of it and protect your rights. Now go learn how to think beyond left wing brainwashing and how to see the real world.

  • batteredup

    First off, take your condescending buttercup BS and shove it up your retentive anal cavity. I know what brainwashing is; thats what military personnel like you go through to turn them into killing machines with no regards for human life. You HAVE to disconnect from emotion and compassion otherwise youd go nuts doing what they train you and expect you to do. Look at the politics. Why are we fighting multiple wars in foreign lands that have nothing to do with us? Do you really believe that BS that “if we dont fight them here well have to fight them at home?” There would be no other reason to spend trillions in money and thousands of lives given to this war on behalf of natural resources and military bases around the world that enriches the defense contractors while bankrupting us in revenue and morally. You can brag about the list of posters who worship you and the imperialistic military endeavors, because so many Americans have been indoctrinated from youth into buying into this jingoism. If you believe these wars are to protect our freedoms and not for financial gain and political power, you are still deeply brainwashed. I refer you to the speech given by former Gen. Wesley Clark talking about memos he received within the Pentagon, back in 2002 or 2003, detailing the plan to destabilize the ME, one country at at time until a total of seven or eight on the list ending with Iran, were all successfully thrown into chaos. Are you even aware the reason we are now in the act of doing this to Syria came from their refusal to allow Turkey and one of their neighbors to build a natural gas pipeline through Syria to wherever their desired destination was? It started with us arming rebels to initiate the current Civil War that has torn the country to shreds. The truth is, you arent doing a damn thing to protect us from foreign invasion, to spread democracy or to “:protect our liberties” as the media BS goes. All youre doing is creating more enemies and new ones like ISIS, destroying our credibility around the world, while breaking this country financially by spending more than a trillion bucks a year to perpetuate this endless game of war. Grow a conscience, develop a sense of humanity and question authority instead of blindly following whatever youre told to do. Its your moral responsibility to humanity, buttercop.

  • SemperFi

    You dished it out little one. If you cant take it, dont dish it out. If you dont want to be disrespected, dont disrespect me. Got it? Thank you for your answer. You just proved my point that you dont have one clue about life or whats going on in the world. Theres no brainwashing in the military. You should try joining so you could find out for yourself. If we had no military, we would have no country because contrary to your coddled little brain, we arent the bad guys. There are people who want this country and who want our people. Our military isnt whats bankrupting us. Whats bankrupting us is all the money we give away to countries that hate us and all the money we give away to people who are able bodied but dont work. And dont give me this bankrupting morally bullshit. You wouldnt know a moral if you slapped you upside your head. All the way up to Vietnam the entire world looked up to the USA because of our morals and our ability to come help them in times of trouble. We are the first country they call, and being the most generous nation on earth, we answer that call. The UN uses us more than any other country, a simple fact that even a simple mind like you can find. So stop believing that filth youve been brainwashed with and start verifying things before you go spouting off as if you know something. My conscience is clear and Im proud of serving my country and protecting peoples rights, even for snowflakes like you. One day you will grow smart enough to realize that if it isnt stopped over there, it will have to be stopped here. Its HISTORY, its FACT. As long as there are greedy, radical, brainwashed people in this world, there will be a need for a peace keeping military! Thankfully we have people SMART enough to know that theres PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH, which is why we were what we were, until the lying bastard leaving in 2 days reduced us to pre WWII levels. Now try verifying things through the OCB, US Treasury, White Papers instead of your crying whining left wing brainwashing bullshit and learn something! And next time, if you want respect, start by giving it.

  • batteredup

    At ease, solider. The war is behind you; leave it there. Obviously my point of view is way over your pointy little head, yankee doodle dimwit. You say the military isnt brainwashed???? REALLY? I guess once youve been indoctrinated, you cant tell the difference. But the rest of us can. I never said our military of itself was the “bad guy” its our policies of endless war, imperialism and promoting war all over the place that is the bad guy destroying the reputation of our country. And yes, there are many military personnel who commit evil acts in our countrys name, like the Nave Seal Sick teams fondness of canoeing the enemy, or the Abu Ghraib torture scandals or the goons who played a starring role in the famous “Collateral Murder” video.. You do need a lesson in morality if youre willing to go blindly into war, murdering innocents without a well-defined cause? And what cause brought us to the ME? Why was it necessary to overthrow Saddam Hussein? It wasnt.. Iraq had been under crippling economic sanctions for 12 years at that point and he was nothing in the way of a threat to anybody except to his own people, the same as dozens of other heavy-handed leaders around the world. Whyd we pick him? Because GW Bush wanted to one-up his Daddy and Iraq had the second-largest oil reserve in the world. The war was for control of oil and a place to add a few more military bases in the ME to further cement our global military domination and presence. If you think this is worth murdering a couple million innocent citizens who were already victims of a tyrant and not an enemy to us, then you really do need to find your moral conscience. And if you dont think that spending 59% of our federal tax dollars on defense is not bankrupting us, then you also need a remedial math class to help you crunch the numbers because your math skills are as lacking as your humanitarian skills. The entire world began questioning our lofty respect status, not after or during Vietnam, but 15 years before that, once we started overthrowing democratically-elected governments to set up puppet regimes for corporate profit, beginning with the overthrow of Mohammed Mossadeq in Iran in 1953 and Jacobo Arbenz of Nicaragua in 1954. The first one was done for big oil, the second one for United Fruit Company. And weve continued this regime change ever since, tossing out other democratically-elected leaders in Panama, Chile, Haiti and Vietnam, while deposing leaders in totalitarian regimes like Libya, Iraq and many more places while turning our eyes from brutal dictators around the world who dont get in the way of US corporate profiteering.You expose your own brainwashing with the BS line that “if we dont stop them over there, well have to fight them over here.” How uninformed can you get? Sealing our borders and having a President smart enough to take heed of warnings in repeated Presidential memos and briefings like Bush didnt do would have prevented all kinds of chaos, including the endless war in the ME. But as Gen. Clark said, that was a long-standing policy awaiting to be put into action. These people in the ME have been in regional conflicts for centuries, theres nothing we can do to stop them so its best to butt out and mind our own business. They will not be coming over here, bullet head. so give up your ridiculous brainwashed argument. Before you fall back on that empty headed excuse of “what about 9/11?” be advised that bin Laden warned us in the late 90s that thered be hell to pay if we didnt get our military bases out of his country, that being Saudi Arabia, and they used our commercial transportation to make it happen. Now that were prepared for that kind of attack, how will they succeed in “bringing the war over here” as your brainwashers tell you? How the hell do you think theyre going to get here without an air force or battleships to travel in? Or dont your brainwashers in the military teach you to think that deeply? Well never win over their hearts and minds because weve blown our credibility with repeated regime change, endless war and war crimes that go unpunished.So give it a rest, soldier. Your feeble attempt to discredit my knowledge of world events and politics is as weak as our argument for war. Ive forgotten more than youll ever know. Youve lost this war, solider, its time for you to retreat to your bunker. If you want to do something worthwhile and help humanity, go join up with the military folks standing with the Natives at Standing Rock.

  • SemperFi

    Dont even try to tell me at ease. I dont take orders from children, which is exactly what you acted like. Pointy little head? You just cant find a way to show respect can you buttercup? Well I can take it and dish it back, so you go right ahead with your little childish left wing game numb nuts. When you learn to stop playing with your little pointy head and start thinking with the one on your shoulders … FOR YOURSELF … youll realize what an asshole youve been and how wrong you are. No, Im not brainwashed. You are. If we were face to face I could prove it to you. Trying to prove over this media is too difficult for your delicate coddled mind to understand and I know you wont go look anything up on the sites that have the facts. Hint (AGAIN) your left wing sites and the media dont have the facts. You have to go to the source and to history … REAL HISTORY! Not that fake shit they teach you in coddle school . Heres an example of your left wing bullshit. You just blamed Bush for what CLINTON told him. I bet you think obama bailed out the auto industry! Or that he was scandal free or there were no terrorist attacks in his 8 years on US soil! LOL You gotta keep up with the right facts. You see, what you do is you let the left tell you what to think and what to say. You dont realize it yet. But thats exactly what you do. EXACTLY! When youre ready to learn whats real and whats fake, look me up. Until then, Ive got better things to do than waste my time with a coddled buttercup who doesnt know the difference between Clinton and Bush! As for helping people, I bet you a steak dinner I do more for helping people in one week than you do in a year, probably 2! So before you run your mouth any more. Go some where where you can talk to people just like you who have been brainwashed just like you and you all can think you are so smart! Or listen to what Im saying and go RESEARCH EVERYTHING down to the source, not the press. You picked the wrong one to try and play your games with. When youre ready to learn something look me up. Until then, go whine some where else.

  • batteredup

    No dummy, I blamed bush for ignoring his daily memos and reports from intelligence from at least three countries warning him of an impending attack during 2001. Comprehensive skills a bit lacking? So enough of the sparring, where are these alleged sources to back up your claim that youre so fn knowledgeable? They must be as credible as James OKeefe and Alex Jones if theyve helped you form the opinion that conducting endless and needless war in the ME is making us any safer or producing anything positive. Show me your sources, cowboy, Im getting bored.

  • SemperFi

    James OKeefe and Alex Jones??? Come on, youre fishing now. No, I dont bother with Alex Jones, although I do like OKeefes hidden cams. But I dont take info from him about important issues. I told you, I go straight to the source. You should read more about the memos Bush got and the information Clinton gave him. Much of it was whitewashed, but theres still some out there. Ive told you my sources. Its up to you to find the material. I go to the source, not the media, not the political groups with agendas. Ive already said that so keep up. Ive never said anything about endless war in the ME, you did. Ive said for years if they cant find an enemy outside their border, they will fight each other within their border. I already know this and probably no more about the ME than you as Ive done extensive study and reading. What we must do in the ME is stop WMDs. And if you dont know that WMDs go beyond nuclear bombs, then theres no need talking to you any further. IF you think no WMDs were ever found, then you were not paying attention. CNN showed the roving trucks, the videos that were found and the mass graves. Those deal with the gasses that were being created and used. Then there was the issue of nuclear and where that went. There are 2 books you should read, Sadaams Secrets and Bomb In My Garden to find out what happened to those. You think you know what happened, but after reading about what Clinton had to say to Bush (important) and then reading those 2 books, you will have a different opinion of what needed to be done and when, or at least you should have. If you can stand by and watch mass murder, rape and genocide, then I understand your position. I cant do that. Thats why Im proud of things that weve done to help stop it. Im also proud how weve used our navy to be floating hospitals for countries going through devastating times and war ships carrying food, clothing and medicine to those same people. Things like this have been talked about briefly and rarely, but they happen often. The biased press doesnt care much about talking about that because it doesnt fit the agenda for people like you. Ive given you plenty of sources. Do your own work so you see it for yourself and learn something. CBO, US Treasury, Presidential EOs, White Papers, Congressional Records, 2 books, anything not partisan. Your posts are starting to improve, but they arent there yet. Keep trying. Respect gets respect. And by the way, stopping that gas production and nuclear transition, kept it off our soil. Youre welcome.

  • Sleddawg63

    Anderson Cooper? Really? No Brokaw, no Jennings? I dont hate Cooper, but his Ridiculist is enough to keep him out of the top 20 for good.

  • Jack Rivera

    Really? the only real journalist is Cronkite . 1. Morrow, 2. Cronkite, 3. Huntley and Brinkley, 4. Jennings, 5. Mike Wallace, 6. Harry Reasoner

  • Robert Burns

    Are you crazzy? Your comments invalidate you.I want some of what youve been smoking…

  • joe corleone

    Its obvious this young lady is clueless…..

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