Top 5 Most Bizarre Wedding Themes

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Couples used to worry about pleasing their parents with a decorous, solemn ceremony. Now many brides and grooms are more concerned with making their wedding fun, memorable and a way to express their personalities. However, the more individual weddings become, the further couples have to go to be memorable.

5 Underwater Weddings

Underwater weddings have caught on with divers. In fact, this theme has become so popular that several resorts along the Italian Riviera at Portofino now arrange these submerged affairs. These celebrations can be small and intimate or giant, like the Italian couple whose 261 diver guests witnessed their underwater, “I do.”

4 Bee Swarm

This idea qualifies as one of the most specialized of specialty themes. Chinese beekeepers Yan Hongxia and Li Wenhua decided to start their wedded life being swarmed by their little striped friends. Each planted a queen bee in his or her clothing, and the swarming began. Afterward, bride Yan Hongxia raved about the amazing feeling of being covered by a living, moving carpet of bees.

3 Edible Wedding Dress

“You may now eat the bride. Or at least her dress.” If you yearn to hear these words at your wedding, you need the cake wedding dress created by designer Luka Sigurdardotir. This thing is massive and looks very heavy. Modest brides should wear a body stocking or slip underneath, in case the guests are extra hungry.

2 Shrek

Inspired by their 4-year-old son’s love of the animated ogre Shrek, Paul Bellas and Heidi Coxhall had a Shrek-themed wedding. Son Leo dressed as Shrek’s pal donkey, and Coxhall’s brother dressed as Muffin Man from “Shrek 2.” They had to allow 90 minutes for the application of green makeup. Coxhall wore a green dress and long red braid to resemble Princess Fiona.

1 Zombies

“Till death do us part” is a familiar wedding vow. However, couples who get married dressed as zombies appear to be dead and decomposing already. A U.K. couple, Rob Blackmore and Jennifer Jones, won a contest sponsored by a video game company to win their dream zombie wedding. Jones wore a black wedding dress, and the couple vowed to stick together in times of brains and no brains, and then shared a brain-shaped cake with guests.
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