Top 5 Easiest Countries to Get Dual Citizenship

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Some people are born lucky enough to automatically have dual citizenship. This usually happens by having a parent who is from another country or by being born in a foreign country to a U.S. parent. If you were born in the U.S., have parents who were both born in the States, but have ex-pat wishes, getting dual citizenship is a different story. While some countries make gaining citizenship simple, you may have to do something in return. Dual citizenship may offer you more traveling options and, in some cases, tax benefits.

5 Italy

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Like Ireland, your ancestry may be your ticket to Italian citizenship. Italy considers you an automatic citizen if your paternal grandfather or maternal grandmother is an Italian citizen. If you have other Italian ancestors, you can gain naturalization by living in Italy for at least three years. Otherwise, you have to live in the country for at least 10 years. However, if you work for the Italian government in any capacity for at least five years, even if the work was in a different country, you can gain naturalization without any residency requirements.

4 Dominica

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Not to be confused with the Dominican Republic, the Commonwealth of Dominica in the Caribbean offers an Economic Citizenship program to “investors.” To become a citizen, you simply have to pay the government a $100,000 investment. The government also offers package deals, just like the burger joint in town. Citizenship for you and your spouse is $175,000, but if you’re married and have two minor children, you only have to pay $200,000.

3 St. Kitts and Nevis

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The islands of St. Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean have a neat little thing called the Citizenship-by-Investment program where you can purchase citizenship for you and your dependents. To prove that you’re a worthy, you have to invest at least $400,000 in U.S. dollars in certain real estate developments and pay a fee of at least $200,000. If you have the cash, becoming a citizen is a cinch.

2 Ireland

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One of the simplest ways to gain Irish citizenship is to live in Ireland for at least five years. The government, however, may waive the time requirement if you can prove you are of Irish decent or if you have certain Irish associations. Just having an Irish grandparent can make you an automatic Irish national. In some instances, to get naturalized, you have to continue to reside in the country for a certain number of years.

1 Brazil

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Brazil opens its arms to anyone who wants to become a citizen. Adopting a child from Brazil automatically makes you Brazilian, according to the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Brazil’s Ministry of Justice shares that you can get a “common naturalization” if you’re really interested in becoming a Brazilian citizen. Simply living in Brazil for at least 15 years can get you effortless naturalization.

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