Don’t Start Planning Your Honeymoon Until You’ve Read This List!

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By the time you’re finished celebrating your wedding with your family and friends, the chances are good that the first thing you’ll want to do is leave them far behind. But just jet setting as far away as possible isn’t necessarily the best way to relieve stress and start your marriage off to a good start. Instead, you’ll have to find something that excites both members of the couple, where they can both enjoy the site and take some time to just enjoy being together. Of course, this list is just a starting point. Within each category there are nearly limitless options in all price ranges so start fantasizing!

5 One Stop Shop

Of course, if you’re looking for something that’s preplanned and comes in one easy package, there are also plenty of options. Disneyland isn’t just for kids after all and if you do your research you can find some great deals on packages that include shows, restaurants, the amusement parks and beautiful hotel accommodations. If you have more of a historic bent, try looking for something similar in a park like Colonial Williamsburg. You may not be able to spend as much time there, but it’s great for a short vacation and they have some fascinating events planned throughout the year. But if you’re looking for more grown-up fun nonetheless, there’s nothing quite like Vegas. Even if you don’t actually book your vacation as one package, you’ll find everything you could want right there on the Strip. Another option to consider is a cruise. This gives you the chance to go a little bit off the beaten path without having to worry about planning. You could check out the Caribbean or try an Alaskan cruise if you’re up for a little bit more adventure.

4 Close To Home

For a lot of couples, getting married coincides with the period of your career when you just can’t afford to take off a lot of time or spend a lot of money. And for others, planning a dramatic exit right after the wedding just adds unnecessary stress. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take a break at all. Plenty of cities in the United States and even small towns offer a lot of romance and fun activities if you just know where to look. A lot of cities offer walking tours and have historic sites preserved. Even the smallest towns often have tiny museums that you can stroll through that will often give you some great stories to take home (Our personal favorite: The Decoy Museum in Havre De Grace, MD. That’s right, it’s a museum about wooden ducks). Even if you’re not on Broadway or the Vegas strip, don’t give up on the local nightlife. A lot of the greatest bands and comedians got their starts in small town open mic nights. When you’re ready to be more active, you can devote a day to driving to the nearest state park or wildlife preserve to get in some hiking.

3 Romantic City Vacation

Sure, Paris is the City of Lights but there are plenty of other options of great cities to explore. If nature isn’t your thing, then head out to one of the big cities of Europe. Florence, Amsterdam and Barcelona all have wonderful museums and festivals and Prague and Venice are our votes for some of the greatest cities to just walk around in and take in the new sites. A city vacation doesn’t have to be spent entirely in educational recreation though. They also offer great opportunities to go to the theater, world class dining and a night-life that may feel very different than what you’re used to at home. Traveling is a chance to cut loose and a city provides a lot of ways to do that and enjoy it.

2 Mountain Retreat

The mountains are a great honeymoon destination in any season. In winter of course, the big advantage is the snow. There’s nothing quite as romantic as curling up together in front of a fire after spending a day out on the ski slopes. But if you’re not a big skier or aren’t planning a winter honeymoon, the mountains are a perfect getaway. They are often more isolated than other tourist spots allowing you to really focus on each other while enjoying nature by hiking, fishing or boating. There are also plenty of mountain lakes where you can enjoy lounging on a beach even if you didn’t opt for a Hawaii vacation and in the summer you’ll have the advantage of refreshing mountain breezes which are the best tool for relaxation after the hot glare of the city. If you don’t think you can afford a trip to the Swiss alps after spending time and money on a wedding, try heading toward the Colorado Rockies. And if you want to go just a little farther without spending too much, just move slightly over the border to see what the Canadian national parks have to offer.

1 The Beach Honeymoon

There is nothing more classically romantic than a stroll along the sands with the waves lapping at your toes and the sun setting over the water. It’s also a great excuse for the bride to show off her wedding-dress figure in a new bikini. But if spending all day building sandcastles and lounging isn’t your thing, don’t get turned off just yet. Plenty of beaches also offer some more adventurous water sports and the chance to take a closer look at some of the exotic beauties of nature by snorkeling or scuba diving. Often boardwalks and hotels along the beach have a great night-life with events, concerts and great restaurants overlooking the sea. Don’t limit yourself to the Bahamas or Hawaii. Instead get creative and check out the beaches of Greece, Tanzania or Thailand which are often a little less crowded than more mainstream destinations.

We’ve covered all the basicoptions but now what are you going to do with them?!

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