More Bang for Your Buck: These Are 2012’s Most Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

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There have never been so many choices to pick from when searching for a car with superb MPG. Old favorites are getting cheaper and newer models are coming with more comforts and cooler looks than ever before. So when you go out to search for your next gas sipping vehicle, make sure you check out our list of Top 5 Most Fuel Efficient Cars of 2012.

5 Honda Civic Hybrid (51 city/48 highway)

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There are a few good reasons to buy a Civic Hybrid: great gas mileage, a good price tag, and Civic reliability. However, the Civic does lack in many areas: its cabin interior seems cramped and bland, and for less money you can get a regular pure gas engine car that offers so much more. Still, this list is about fuel efficiency and that is what the Civic Hybrid does best. The Civic Hybrid exists to give Civic fans better MPG at a low price.

4 Toyota Prius (51 city/48 highway)

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The Prius has been around quite some time now, and the 2012 only comes with more features than before. The Entune system lets you connect your smartphone to bring up internet radio, maps, and all that jazz and you’ll also find a lot more room in the Prius than the Leaf or the Mitsubishi MiEV. The 2012 Prius also benefits from the 2010 re-design aesthetics, and feels lot more powerful and peppy than the older Prius’, The 2012 V model also offers even more cabin storage space than ever before.

3 Chevy Volt (35 city/40 highway)

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If you want something that feels more like real sedan, and don’t want to deal with range anxiety, the Chevy Volt is a perfect choice. The electric power will take you about 40 miles on a single charge, and after that, the gasoline engine will kick on. This gives you about a 300 mile range per charge and fill with the Volt. As long as there is gas in the Volt, it will run, making it a versatile choice for both a road tripper and an internal city commuter car. The Chevy Volt also looks pretty slick, comes with a great looking and high-tech interior and is comfortable to drive. It would actually be perfect if it weren’t for the ridiculously high price tag which comes close to 40k. We’re sure nobody has paid that much for a domestic, non-luxury 4-door sedan ever… still, the cost is getting you one of the best EV/gas vehicles out there.

2 Nissan Leaf (99 MPGe)

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The Leaf is becoming a standard EV here in the states. It’s going on its third year and has become a fan favorite among owners. There is something about the Leaf’s unique look and design, such as the raised headlights which actually direct airflow away from the cabin to create a quieter ride, which makes you slowly appreciate it more and more. Those sorts of design details are important in knowing Nissan has put time and thought into engineering this little EV. Though space is still limited within and like all Hybrids, it suffers from a higher price tag than you might want to pay for the car of this size and power this is probably one of the coolest pure EVs out there.

1 Mitsubishi MiEV (112 MPGe)

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100 percent electric, less expensive than the Nissan Leaf, and with a further range per charge, this little car is engineered for efficiency. Even though the MiEV is smaller than most cars you’ll see on the market it still fits four passengers. Mitsubishi has also designed the North American version of the MiEV to be roomier than its foreign counterparts. The MiEV drives smoothly, and is made for those looking to buzz around the city without the use of gas. However, this isn’t the car for those seeking the luxurious comforts of a Lexus hybrid, or the look and style of the Chevy Volt. Even so, the MiEV is a lot of fun to drive, even if it does feel like a smoother, super-powered golf cart.

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