These Are The Droids You’re Looking For: The Best Selling Android Phones of All Time

In June of 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone. It did not matter if you had a Motorola, LG, Samsung or Siemens…your phone now has the technology of Zack Morris’s brick phone from 1991. 76 million iPhones later the other manufacturers figured out people didn’t like texting on a numeric pad and debuted the Android operating system. But even with Apple’s two-year head start the Droid came on strong and offered something Apple could not—variety. Around 100 new models every year. That is a lot of phones to swim through, but fear not, I’ve whittled the list down a bit for you. Here are the Top 5 Best Selling Android Phones:

5 HTC Evo 4G

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HTC Evo 4G – 14 million sold – In June of 2010 Sprint and HTC got together to deliver us the Evo 4G. 4G is here! 4G is here! No, I have no idea what that means but 4G is way bigger than 3G so I am on board. OK, after a bit of research it makes the phones 10 times faster. So that’s kind of a big deal. But as we all know with great power, comes great responsibility. And when I say great responsibility I mean a terribly short battery life. You are lucky if you get two hours of heavy use. At least there is a user replaceable battery so you can keep a few extras handy.

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4 HTC Thunderbolt

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HTC Thunderbolt – 15 million sold – And January 2011 welcomes Verizon into the 4G world. And even better than that was the capability to use voice and data at the same time without being connected to a WiFi. In other words you could now talk with your girlfriend while simultaneously looking at the Facebook page of that really cute Barista you swear flirts with you every morning. You know the one with the freckles and hipster glasses. And I feel like I have said too much.

Great phone.

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3 Samsung Galaxy S II

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Samsung Galaxy S II – 16 million sold – February of 2011 brought us the iPhone Killer. Ultra slim design, 8 mega pixel camera and full 1080p video recording and output. 1080p output!! This phone has better resolution than half the TV’s sold in the country. I understand your 4.3 inch display isn’t going to wow anyone on Superbowl Sunday but; who would do that anyway? That’s a stupid thing to say. Whether you’re on a flight or the Thrown, this is an invaluable device.

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2 HTC One X

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HTC One X, 26 million sold – The One X became available May 2012 and brought the power along side. The quad-core processor makes it far and away the most powerful HTC to date. Beats by. Dr. Dre music software is standard as are a nice new set of Beats by. Dr. Dre headphones. As longs as you don’t live in the good ‘ole United States that is. The US is always getting the shaft. First the Hindenberg and now this. At least everyone gets the software. It is guaranteed to make your music 83% more LBCier.

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1 Samsung Galaxy S III

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Samsung Galaxy S III – 30 million sold – May of 2012 brought us the iPhone Killer 2: This time, it’s personal. Actually, Apple took it so personal that they are currently embroiled in a lawsuit. Apple thinks Samsung has ripped off a few of their patents. In defense of the Galaxy S III their Intelligent Personal Assistant doesn’t have a cool name like Siri or help Samuel L. Jackson make risotto. Yeah, that’s Nick Furry asking his phone for organic mushrooms.

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While there are Hundreds of different Droid models none have come close to outselling their iPhone counterpart. In fact the iPhone killer that tops this list is still being substantially outsold by the iPhone 3G from 2008. Does this mean the Android platform is inferior? Not by a long shot. For the most part Droids are faster, more powerful, have better cameras, storage, accessories and anything else you can think of. So what are they missing? A cult like following that makes Scientology look like the Mickey Mouse Club. And an insidious ploy to make all their products fit together ridiculously easily. But none of this escapes the fact that Droids will always outperform the iPhone. If you don’t believe me take off your apple foil hat and prove me wrong.

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