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Jennifer Mueller has been writing professionally since 1995, when she began writing a bi-monthly column for "This Week in WNC." Mueller holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of North Carolina at Asheville and a Juris Doctor from the Indiana University School of Law.

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0. "Because we said so"

Published 2013-06-28 03:46:48

As if you chose Pocket over Instapaper, the original and best.

Published 2013-06-22 22:58:48

tbh I was also expecting them to look like guys XD

Published 2013-06-11 10:58:48

Two of them even look like women!

Published 2013-06-11 08:34:48

Dodged Ann Wolfe during her entire career. She gets no props!

Published 2013-06-11 06:10:48

No Laila Ali never lost 24-0 21 by knockout including knocking out Christy Martin

Published 2013-06-11 03:46:48

whos that chick in the first page with the red shorts? lol

Published 2013-06-11 01:22:48

no M C Mary Kom?

Published 2013-06-10 22:58:48

Im glad "Ali-The-Ann Wolfe-Dodger" aint on this list!

Published 2013-06-10 20:34:48

Have a trusted friend go with you to make sure the tattoo is straight and aligned. When getting a tattoo, most tattoo artists put a template on first, then tattoo over that. Make sure that bad boy is straight, etc before they place it permanently on you or you could end up with a leaning cross or a tribal tat that isnt straight around your bicep (especially if its somewhere you cant see, such as your back, butt...)

Published 2013-06-04 03:46:48

Yeah , just another "Jimmy Kimmel Fake"!

Published 2013-05-22 15:46:48