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Elaine J. Dispo, a journalist since 1996, specializes in education. She wrote for “Fil-Am Press.” Dispo earned the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association Frank W. Buckley Scholarship and the Students In Free Enterprise Sam M. Walton Fellowship. She holds her B.A. and M.A. in Communication and is a Ph.D. candidate.

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Feel free to let me know which workout vids you think should be on this list. The Top 2 fitness gurus just released new ones, so will theirs be the newest exercise crazes w/high impact in less time?[Side note: I didnt add "Brazilian Butt Lift" for our bum bum so I could feature those that target the total body.]

Published 2013-06-27 01:22:48

FYI: I originally wrote this piece in descending order (5 to 1, from oldest to youngest) - however, the sections were reversed when published. #Dispo #HoopScoop #TipOff

Published 2013-06-21 20:34:48

FYI: I initially had Brett Farve on this list but decided to forego with current active players (or at least those who havent yet officially retired - two dont appear on a roster at the moment)! Between the time I wrote this and the time it hit the press, one of the athletes encountered more drama that he is fighting off with a bat... Trivia question: who is featured in this piece has played on the same team as Aaron Hernandez? (Hint: there are two - not just the one pictured in the first and last slide)

Published 2013-06-05 18:10:48

In the wake of undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweathers latest victory, I recall considering including him on this list. After all, when he was imprisoned, he griped about his sentence tearing into his training regimen. Hello, F-$Money$, you commit a crime, you pay w/time! Yes, ol boys another divo/drama king who let winning the game & scoring the fame get to his fat head... & the latest for one of my listed cry babies, LBJ, tied the knot this weekend, so maybe he shed tears of joy ;-) @ the moment, you can click on the link to the right for my piece about how Kobe can still whoop on him in hoops -->

Published 2013-06-05 15:46:48