The Top 5 Things You Should Know About Top 5

5. What We Do is the one-stop destination to satisfy all of your many curiosities. Our writers, experts and personalities put together lists you can trust and that also entertain and inform. We provide clear, concise and ultimately infallible knowledge and wisdom, leaving you more enlightened than Siddhartha under the fig tree. If you’ve ever wondered about the Top 5 Earth-Like Planets, YouTube Celebrity Downfalls, Epic Meal Time’s Most Epic Meals and the underground world of Criminal Squirrels, you’ve come to the right place.

4. The Talent

Our lists are authored by a diverse group of interesting people. We have our regular awesome writers, of course. And we also have guest contributors who range from television, movie and YouTube personalities to famous musicians, chefs and even world explorers. Our celebrities give us an inside peak into their lives and work. If you’re a talented individual and would like to be one of the all-stars we feature on, pay a visit to our Talent Submissions Page.

3. Contact Us

Oh, snap, we’re about to get meta. The Top 5 Ways to contact us are 5.) Raven 4.) Telegraph 3.) Pony Express 2.) Beeper, but if you’re a reader or member of the media we recommend that you go with our 1.) Contact Us page

2. Our History has been producing lists since 2002. The majority of the original lists on were satirical. We have since branched out to many other topics, but we strive to maintain our comedic and entertaining flair. Have we mentioned the Criminal Squirrels?

1. Advertising

If you’re a regular person, you can skip this one. If you’re not a regular person, which is to say you work in advertising, then you should know we have an audience of more than 2 million visitors a month and growing, and we’ve got plenty of ways to reach the right demographic. Everything from jointly created Top 5 lists featured throughout the personal finance category to full takeovers of the entire site. Serious inquiries should send a note to, and we will walk you through our rate card. Not actually, of course, because walking through the rate card would break it all into bits. We’ll talk you through it. There. That’s better. More accurate.